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Introduction: Knex Pistol

About: Knex builder here at Instructables. I build Guns, and, Roller Coaster. I currently build about 2-3 guns a month. I strive to post quality as well as quantity. If you have any ideas for a gun for me to try ou...

Hello fellow knexers I am back and after a long wait I have developed a new gun. If your a new knexer this gun is perfect if your an experienced knexer this gun is perfect if you just won't to shoot your little brother this gun is perfect.

Extremely accurate (even more accurate then my snipers ;) )
Long range ( gets ranges of 60 feet with 2 #64 ruberbands )
Easy load ( has a leaver you pull out do drop ammo in for quick reloads )
Safety ( you push the metalic connector down to activate the safety and bump the back of the trigger to put it on fire )
Amazing range for a short draw ram rod
4 round mag
I couldent find any :)

I hope you like it and please subscribe.

If you would like instructions please tell me in the comments.



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    Sorry bro this gun is long gone. Im planning on posting instructions to more of my future builds. If your looking for a pistol to build, i posted my war pistol V2 about a year ago.

    do you know of any quality pistol that doesn't require much broken pieces?

    This sounds really good, but the looks could be improved. Are you planning to post?

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    I am planning to post but the performance can not always look good, if I do post you can modify it and make it look better