Knex Pistol





Introduction: Knex Pistol

: This is an introduction for the KNEX Pistol, this will show you the finished product.

Step 1: The Handle

: This step will show you how to build the handle

Step 2: The Barrel

:This step will show you how to build the barrel

Step 3: The Trigger

: This step will show you how to create the trigger

Step 4: Connecting It All Together

:This step will show you how to connect all of the pieces together

Step 5: The Firing Pin, Banding and Ammo

: This step will show you how to build the firing pin, how to band up the gun and the types of ammo



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    plus, the trigger can be made WAY less complex than this one.

    step one and two doesn't show how to build them it just shows a pic of what you need then shows the whole thing. Should show how to assemble them.

    i dont have any of those small blue circle things... help?? :P

    cani sub the black piece on pic5

    Dude nice gun. it was easy to build and has a real trigger. but sort of uncomfortable on the handle. really good gun :)


    Wher does blue bullet go please help!

    is there anything to sub white i only have 7.

    4 replies

    no i only have 7

    use all of the 7 connector pieces and stich the wites wiith the bllue ONLY when needed im making it now so il get back to you on it.

    You can do it with the no 8 connector pieces. on step 2, the piece connected to the withe piece (not the end piece) needes to be on an angle. not up or down or left and right. it has to be on an angle but it doesnt matter how you angle it.

    This gun is amazing, i love it.

    Maybe i should fit a scope on it and a hand rest

    MMM! Excellent the more rubber bands the more firepower

    you might possibly be offended but i spent a couple of hours making this when i finished i shot it and the bit in the middle snapped in two could yu make it more detailed and show where certain pieces connect up and close ups plz?