Knex Pistol





Introduction: Knex Pistol

: This is an introduction for the KNEX Pistol, this will show you the finished product.

Step 1: The Handle

: This step will show you how to build the handle

Step 2: The Barrel

:This step will show you how to build the barrel

Step 3: The Trigger

: This step will show you how to create the trigger

Step 4: Connecting It All Together

:This step will show you how to connect all of the pieces together

Step 5: The Firing Pin, Banding and Ammo

: This step will show you how to build the firing pin, how to band up the gun and the types of ammo



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    plus, the trigger can be made WAY less complex than this one.

    step one and two doesn't show how to build them it just shows a pic of what you need then shows the whole thing. Should show how to assemble them.

    i dont have any of those small blue circle things... help?? :P

    cani sub the black piece on pic5

    Dude nice gun. it was easy to build and has a real trigger. but sort of uncomfortable on the handle. really good gun :)


    Wher does blue bullet go please help!

    is there anything to sub white i only have 7.