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hey guys, this is my knex pistol. could also please be nice about the comments because this is my second instructable.

my gun has lots of pros and cons, here are some


it takes time to reload

handle is uncomfortable

the rod on the firing pin sometimes comes of when you fire


good shooting range

a lot of power

doesn't use many parts

Step 1: The Frame

Picture of The Frame

build 2 of these

Step 2: The Internals

Picture of The Internals

these internals use low parts

Step 3: The Frame Part 2

Picture of The Frame Part 2

connect the other bit of the frame to the pistol

Step 4: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

this is a trigger that sometimes gets caught in the firing pin

Step 5: Firing Pin

Picture of Firing Pin

thread your elastic band through the purple connector and attach to the gun

Step 6: The Final Image

Picture of The Final Image

this is what the pistol should look like when its finished.


Element Force (author)2017-05-05

you're getting better dude keep it up


sorry for the bad image quality my phones camera goes funny when the battery is low

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Bio: My name iby I am 13 and from Scotland, I like knex, rc car modifying and engineering
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