Knex Pistol Cannon





Introduction: Knex Pistol Cannon

This is my handheld knex cannon. It Shoots around 60-70 feet and uses minimal pieces.

Step 1: Piece List

Green 13
White 41
Blue 12
Yellow 3

Yellow 5
Green 7
Gray 7
Light gray 2
Orange 2
Tan clip 2
Blue 3D 20
Silver / Purple 3D 12
Silver 6
Blue 6

Total: 138

Step 2: The Barrel

1. Build these
2.Build this
3. Put them on
4. Make this
5. Another view

Step 3: Trigger Mechanism

1. Make this
2. Make these
4. Make
5. Attach
6. Make
7. Attach

Step 4: The Handle

1. Make this
2.Make this
3. Put them together
4.Make this
7. Oops
8. Put Together

Step 5: Assembly

Put the gun together!!

1.take these two pieces
2. Connect them
3.Add Blue rods
4. Attach Handle
5. Attached handle
6. Completed gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Grab Rod & Ammo

1.Grab rod
2. Ammo

Step 7: Rubberbands, Loading, and Fireing

1. Take off the orange connectors & the white rods
2.Put rubberbands on
3.Put a rubberband on the trigger
4. Pull the rubberband back with the grab rod
5. The loaded gun
6. With wheel ammo
7. With gear ammo
8 With white connector ammo
Enjoy the gun

Please rate

Please comment

Please tell me about any ammo that works well.



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    This gun is crazy!!! I shot my brother and he cried

    That's not very nice!!! :)

    sometimes siblings deserve it. such as my sister, who i will never let near my knex weapons again after what happened last time :0

    i love this gun i use it against my 2 brothers and they never annoy me anymore

    it seems like it uses alot less pieces than you said.

    moo gun po your funny lols

    how do you put the ammo in?

    Nevermind, i figured it out. This gun is A M A Z I N G!! Great work, I love that someone made a great gun that uses minimal parts and is very powerful.

    Kudos, 5/5 i say!!