Knex Pistol Cannon





Introduction: Knex Pistol Cannon

This is my handheld knex cannon. It Shoots around 60-70 feet and uses minimal pieces.

Step 1: Piece List

Green 13
White 41
Blue 12
Yellow 3

Yellow 5
Green 7
Gray 7
Light gray 2
Orange 2
Tan clip 2
Blue 3D 20
Silver / Purple 3D 12
Silver 6
Blue 6

Total: 138

Step 2: The Barrel

1. Build these
2.Build this
3. Put them on
4. Make this
5. Another view

Step 3: Trigger Mechanism

1. Make this
2. Make these
4. Make
5. Attach
6. Make
7. Attach

Step 4: The Handle

1. Make this
2.Make this
3. Put them together
4.Make this
7. Oops
8. Put Together

Step 5: Assembly

Put the gun together!!

1.take these two pieces
2. Connect them
3.Add Blue rods
4. Attach Handle
5. Attached handle
6. Completed gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Grab Rod & Ammo

1.Grab rod
2. Ammo

Step 7: Rubberbands, Loading, and Fireing

1. Take off the orange connectors & the white rods
2.Put rubberbands on
3.Put a rubberband on the trigger
4. Pull the rubberband back with the grab rod
5. The loaded gun
6. With wheel ammo
7. With gear ammo
8 With white connector ammo
Enjoy the gun

Please rate

Please comment

Please tell me about any ammo that works well.



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    21 Discussions

    sometimes siblings deserve it. such as my sister, who i will never let near my knex weapons again after what happened last time :0

    Nevermind, i figured it out. This gun is A M A Z I N G!! Great work, I love that someone made a great gun that uses minimal parts and is very powerful.

    Kudos, 5/5 i say!!

    Mine only shoots about 1 foot. Can you give any suggestions?