Knex Pistol [Project Deviance] (How to Build)




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Introduction: Knex Pistol [Project Deviance] (How to Build)

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Hello iblers and knexers! I decided to post this gun because it was very powerful and still is. And I got very positive feedback on it. The instructions should be easy to follow. Read the notes, they can save you from doing something unnecessary. Have fun building if you do. 

Step 1: First Panel, Mech, Bullet Lock, and Barrel

Simple enough.

Step 2: Other Side Panel

Very simple.

Step 3: Banding

Very important on how you band it. 

Step 4: You Are Done!

You have completed my most powerful firing pin pistol yet! Have fun shooting it (ammo is yellow rods). And ive included a pic of the SP-60U because it is very powerful for its compact size.  

And let me know if you do build it, include a pic of it also. 



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    Nice pistol rated 4*
    couldn't you make a yellow rod mag on it (lol not funny i know)
    maybe a mag in handle next time?
    P.S. whats the range?

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    Thanks man. =) I dont think I would be able to do handle feed on this one without completely ruining the shape, and the range with the bands I have; 3 #64 bands, it can get 50 to 65 ft.

    Thats an impressing range for such a small gun.
    I did not think about the shape but you are right, it would be ruined.
    P.S. Are you from Austria? (because of your name)

    No, im actually from the United States. =)

    where from (not trying to be creepy)just wondering

    did you say you were from Iowa.......

    OMG really im in Des Moines we are actually really close to eachothe

    =D I had no internet yesterday do to that snow storm, got 12+inches of snow.

    lol My pet cat went out side and started to tunnel in the snow,Ithe snow was taller than him.

    Meijel -> Limburg -> the Netherlands