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Hey Guys and Girls here is my first pistol. it is a mag fed gun and has true trigger and safety. it is light and compact. it took about 2 hours to build. it was originally designed for the mag to be removable but that made the barrel waker and the mag shook all over. The safety has been changed so instead of the sight dropping when it is off the sight will now go up when it is off so the 'Y' con is not needed unless you want.

Step 1: Piece count

Picture of Piece count
You don't see many of these on the internet so i thought i would make one.

Grey x 1
Red x 1
White x 52
Green x Sorry but i can't state these as i have tried counting a few times and got lost so could someone count them for me as you build it

White x 20
yellow x 39
Green x 5
grey 2 way x 13
grey end x 11
Red x 5
orange x 14
Orange track connectors x 2

'Y' cons x 25 (I know it is a lot but only way it can be made unless you want to build a mag which shoots green rods)
Ball joints x 3
Ball joint connectors x 3
Decapitated orange 2 way connectors x 3

Time (lol)

Rudy39835 months ago

it doesn't say where to put the elastic bands!!!!!!

What about ammo?
knex obsessed (author)  samuelwbarker3 years ago
it is a grey end connector connected to a Y Con
make sure you face the end towards the firing rod or else it will jam
AND THAT IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(insert epic face here)
TheChemiker5 years ago
Nothing new, what dj said.
knex obsessed (author)  TheChemiker5 years ago
still it is my gun but i am thinkin of makin it to an assult rifle
Make it not shoot green rods.
knex obsessed (author)  TheChemiker5 years ago
it doesn't it shoot grey end connectors i said you could make the clip shoot green rods if you want
Ok, thats good, because green rods suck for shooting.
I never make anything that shoots green rods.
knex obsessed (author)  TheChemiker5 years ago
ok BTW ave u built it yet. if you have can u let me know pleaz?
I don't think I am going to build. I only build guns that catch my attention or are known to be exellent guns, sorry.
knex obsessed (author)  TheChemiker5 years ago
kk NW
DJ Radio5 years ago
Rather generic and outdated these days.
knex obsessed (author) 5 years ago
hey guys wen you view it can u pleaz rate and comment