Picture of Knex Pistol With New Style Barrel and Ergonomic Handle
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this knex gun has a new style barrel and ram, but unfortunately a block trigger. dont start criticizing me for old stuff, because i created a new style of gun barrel. the handle is ergonomic, but mostly depending on what size hand you have.


this is my first knex instructable so hope you like it! reply and tell me how it is, and inform me of any things i can improve on.


in each step, a description of the part will be supplied and so will the number of pieces needed for that specific part. this will allow easy construction and fast building.
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Step 1: The NEW Barrel

Picture of The NEW Barrel
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in this step you will construct the barrel. it is a new style of barrel and thought it up because knex guns need a new age.

you will need:

27 special grey connectors*
3 grey/black rods

  • throughout this instructable, the special grey connectors are shown in two different colours: grey and purple. however, at some/most times the purple looks like blue, so just to clarify things.

in addition...

some parts may be substituted for whatever reason, but for the barrel and trigger, most pieces MUST be the same.

- get 14 grey connectors and attach them to a grey rod, open space facing in
- get 13 grey connectors and do the same, leaving a space about 5 connectors down
- connect the two in the middle with a grey rod, so the open space is formed like a barrel.

Step 2: The Sides

Picture of The Sides
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this is the part that connects to the barrel. it is for decoration and elastics purposes.

you will need:

26 special grey connectors
2 grey rods
2 green connectors
1 ball connector
1 connector ball
3 random pieces to fill the space (interchangeable pieces)

- get 12 grey connectors and attach them to a grey rod
- connect the random pieces, green connector, and the ball connectors to the rod as shown
- get 14 grey connectors and connect them so there is a space inbetween each one
- attach the green connector the same place it is one the other side
TigerNod6 years ago
The barrel is not new, it has been used a lot before. The handle looks pretty nice, though I think it would be too small for my hands. I still think this is be pretty nice, though I am not that exited because there are so many other "pretty nice guns" out there so I just give it an "average" rating of 2.5. Keep up the good work, and don't let those negative comments let you down! :-)
This barrel has never been used before. Ever. I like it.
You are joking! :-P Now seriously. I say it somewhere before. But I dunno where. If I'll find it I'll give you the link
Never seen it before.

And I like it.

Also the way this gun is set-up looks like it could fit under a barrel of a larger knex gun. =P
Yeah, that would be gooood
This one needs help on the barrel and ram parts, however the handle is very comfortable. :)
xero17 years ago
the barrel wont work because as soon as the ram hits the rod it will fly up toward the sky and it will bounce off the walls losing speed and power
Vynash7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
homicidal.cereal.killer (author)  Vynash7 years ago
go to hell
i was just saying that it only shoots like 10 feet
homicidal.cereal.killer (author)  Vynash7 years ago
well fine. but still... i would say something mean but i dont wanna get banned lol. and im joking. i can accept negative criticism and i can be very nice. so thanks for the comment (dooshbag) jk jk im JOKING
thats good that you can eccept it
homicidal.cereal.killer (author)  Vynash7 years ago
you spelled accept wrong. its ACCEPT and not ECCEPT
o lol
no bad comments!i almost got banned for that.
who you because i learnd dont say somthing mean when you dont half to
yer i almost got banned for breaking the be nice policy lol because if you read some of my old cmment as youl see i was quite mean back then.
lol but now were nice
homicidal.cereal.killer (author)  Vynash7 years ago
i second that
yoshiamu7 years ago
That is a pretty good gun right there, thanks. Im in the process of making my own knex gun myself, ill put up a link when its done.
Nice gun. Odd handle. Awesome barrel. Period.
thank you. period.
bunduk7 years ago
better than my 1st gun
Mepain7 years ago
I tried this kind of barrel once a long time ago. It has a lot of friction so it probobly doesn't shoot to far. I kinda like the grip though.
homicidal.cereal.killer (author)  Mepain7 years ago
yeah, the barrel does have friction, but there are ways to minimize it. you could sharper the outer rods of the ram (idea of killerk) but leave the center rod. this would cause the ram to slide more smoothly, but the trigger would need to be adjusted for it to work every time. however, this barrel is good because it can shoot a wider variety of objects rather than just a knex rod or a skewer. some people might give up some power for this 'feature', but others wouldnt.
what do you mean? its NEW!!! lol but explain why its strange...
strange cos it looks strange and complicated
it looks complicated but it is easy to build. and yes, it looks strange because it is only a prototype and i was working on the barrel not the appearance.
try building it... it is very good. with just two regular newspaper elastic bands it can shoot at least 20 feet.
good new design, although the barrel has friction
mmzdaniel7 years ago
Looks cool! im gona build it....
GreekGuy7 years ago
creativity, niiice.
thank you
Easy Button7 years ago
hey you toke my new barrel idea kind of......
not really... i just saw it and decided to make it better... but i did you your idea. thanks anyways... but TECHNICALLY i did not steal or plagiarize it because it is different. i just used the same piece.
ya, kind of.....