Picture of Knex Pistol with Magazine
Hi, i recently made this awesome pistol with a working magazine that is very unobtrusive, the magazine holds 5 blue rods but can be extended to hold more. It has good range (40 ft aprox). Should i post?

-unobtrusive mag
-long range (40 ft with good rubber bands)
-comfortable grip 
-looks decent

- pretty small mag 
Ethan Doherty6 months ago
please post you are good at this
if you still have it, please post!!!!!!!!
The trigger looks interesting, but it should block back further. It'll get more power then. I kind of like how you incorporated the mag into the gun, but overall, it's pretty outdated. Keep up the work
Cool! Now try to make the mag removable.
use a bigger rod for firing pin
lolololtrol2 years ago
I love it, one of the best knex pistols out there.