This is my new knex pistol it uses a new, pretty efficient firing mechanism. I guess you call it a hammer you pull the hammer back which rotates back, it locks into place in four different distance and when your ready to fire, pull the trigger. With only two rubberbands i was able to fire it 30+ ft on a stright angle with good power. (Not aiming 45 degrees up in the sky) its a single shot so you have to keep reloading :( It has a true trigger as well. It uses very few pieces (about 100 and something).

Step 1: The Hammer

Pretty simple step
<p>How do you cock the gun and where do you put the rubber bands?</p>
I made a hammer action derringer 2 years ago but never posted an instructable. Now I made it into a break action derringer with a hammer.
<p>where do the elastic bands attach on the trigger? Good gun otherwise 10/10</p>
cool gun 5 star al the way (do you think you can look at my gun and give me a few pointers) its a 25 round bolt action rifle with grip and grenade launcher but the triger is priety week heres a link <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/</a>
Do you need that orange connector
no its just for the sights
ok tanks
nice, i made it as my first gun and i love it ! * * * * *
very good gun10.00 but it really needs a better handle and a bullet lock mybe im gunna try to modded just give me ur permisson to post the mod or im just gunna give u alot of creadit
u got my permission but i also expect &quot;alot of creadit&quot; thanks bra
how bout 99.999999999999% of creadit
modds handle ,barrel ,the hammer? idk ,i might have a revoling barrel
done comfy handle new barrel and new trigger guard
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bCuJpL4IPQ<br>click or copy the gun
im having trouble assembling it plz post it soon
is the hamer suposed to go in the hole
&nbsp;you have to cut one of ur grey pices so it can hit the bullet or u can use a ball joint recever for that in sted of cutting the part
or u dont use that pice<br>
5.0, very nice gun, functions generally great.
it needs a side view<br><br>
coool i'm gonna make it!<br>
I love the gun and it is powerful I hit my wall from 20 yards.
made your gun and will use it on youtube
please post pictures<br>
in what way is this break action? i would call it breech-loaded
Just built the pistol. Looks good, but to me it has no power meaning that the ammo drops as soon as it leaves the barrel. I rate it a 7/10.
I LOVE this gun, How did you come up with it? I was really surprised at the energy the hammer exerted on the ammunition, Your claims of 30-40 FT flat with this gun are completely true. 5*
Is the trigger guard even necessary for it to work properly, or just safety feature?..
This gun is sick nasty! although i rated it a 4 because of a couple things: the handle is super uncomfortable, its shape is big and awkward, and the sights stink. other than that i think it is a great hammer action gun
You do know all those can be swapped to your liking? LOL the sights and handle suck, so switch them? &gt;&lt;
yeah i know, im just too lazy to mod anything. LOL!!
why do sights matter? it's a pistol no one ever aims a pistol using sights
haha, i get that from alot of people, and i like to have sights on any gun so i can see how accurate the gun is.
what's that in the top-left corner?
Add a turret.
Check your dates.
You check your dates.
Yes, I do check my dates. Your point?
No point. Just check you dates next time.
I did, hence my comment.
Check them again then.
I have. Your comment was over 2 and a half years late.
They didn't even have turrets back in 2008, so the relevance of your comment was negated merely by the timespan. You fail.
So check your dates next time then. Jeez...
I did check them, hence why I had the knowledge and solid right to post the original comment. Yours was waaay out of date, therefore, YOU check your dates next time.

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