Easy to build Knex gun with a good amout of power and some new innovative ideas.

Step 1: Constructing the Frame

First assemble the body as shown below.
Make sure you have the pices that hold the bullet at the end of the gun. These keep the bullet from falling out. Also by keeping the bullet near the end of the gun FIREPOWER is greatly increased.
Then wrap a rubberband around the structure and attach it to the trigger so it will cock each time you pull it back.
Add the handle

Step 2: The Firing Bar

Get a long pice to work as the firing bar. If possible make it black since the black ones are considerably stronger. Wrap a rubber band around it so then when you fire it it does not break and fire through the gun. After that spray it with WD-40. This helps a great deal. It eliminates wear and tear on the gun and greatly INCREACES FIREPOWER.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Insert the firing bar into the gun and attach the rubberbands.
The gun is now complete. The gun looks the best when firing the green pellets, but works just as good when firing any other sized projectile. It has a good deal of power for a knex gun also.
Hope you like it.

Tell me what you think of it.
(BTW this is my first instructable)
This, is what you would call solid matter.
this gun will soon be a forgotten one...just like your username...except you spelled your name wrong
yea its forgotten not frog*croak*otten

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