Knex Pistol





Introduction: Knex Pistol

This is a simple yet powerful knex pistol I made. it is very easy to make but is surprisingly powerful for its size.

Step 1: The Barrel

add 10 red connectors onto 2 red rods. then add a grey connector as shown in picture 3.

Step 2: The Trigger

add 2 more red connectors then add a green rod to the last red connector. add a tan piece and slide it up into the red connector, as shown in picture 3. add 2 green rods to the ends of a green connector and add the piece as shown in picture 5.

Step 3: The Handle

make and add the parts shown in the pictures.

Step 4: The Ramrod

create the ramrod as shown and add it to the gun, opening the trigger so that it slides all the way in. note the rubber bands and blue spacer. these keep the gun from breaking due to the stress on the parts.

Step 5: The Power

next add the rubber bands as shown in the pictures. pictures 1 and 2 show where to add the bands so the trigger locks into place when the gun is cocked back. picture 3 shows the bands i used for the power of this gun. i have two very small bands looped together. i used two of these but you can use any size bands you want. picture 4 shows the mounting positions for the main bands.

Step 6: All Done

the gun is now built and ready to fire. to load, pull the ramrod back until the trigger clicks into place and muzzle load the rod you wish to fire. make sure the rod clicks into place on the grey connector, as shown in picture 1, so it doesn't slide out. to fire, pull the trigger down with your thumb.

enjoy and please comment if you find a way to improve the design.



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    put four green rods in you have a shotgun affect *BOOM*:D

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    i had been here for 15 days by that comment :P and I don't like Killerk that much

    kinda? people for some reason have got it into their heads that he created the first k'nex gun!

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    I shall call him... upside-down-booby-for-eyes man.

    Simple and works great. Well..Except for step 3 on the yellow piece. Took forever.


    Have you tried changing the yellow ram rod with a red rod it makes it so much more powerful!