Step 6: All done

Picture of all done
the gun is now built and ready to fire. to load, pull the ramrod back until the trigger clicks into place and muzzle load the rod you wish to fire. make sure the rod clicks into place on the grey connector, as shown in picture 1, so it doesn't slide out. to fire, pull the trigger down with your thumb.

enjoy and please comment if you find a way to improve the design.
bbot25005 years ago
put four green rods in you have a shotgun affect *BOOM*:D
Mithrilrik6 years ago
Have you tried changing the yellow ram rod with a red rod it makes it so much more powerful!
well, hey this is my first comment and your page was constructed very well. so i had trouble connecting all those red connectors so i substituted the first red connectors with grey single recievers and the middle grey i exchanged with an orange to hold a ram-rod to load it with. so thanks for being my fist, bye!