Knex Pistol(with Pump)




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Introduction: Knex Pistol(with Pump)

About: Hello everyone, It's me Knexman005. ( I am actually Knexman2001. I have changed my account for personal reasons.) I will still make the same stuff. I am going to copy all my stuff over to this account. So if...

This is a good gun but when you pull back the cock you have to pull down the trigger a bit

Step 1: Handle

This is what you hold onto.

Step 2: Barrel

This is the part that shoots.

Step 3: Trigger

you know what this does.

Step 4: Ram


Step 5: Pump

Step 6: Rubber Bands

Gather these.

Step 7: Construction

Get all of your pieces, and build!



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    For me the barrel bends a little, but otherwise it’s a good gun

    no because there is a gray clip on one of the ends.

    But doesnt it tend to bend up because there is nothing keeping it from bending?

    no its connected to the ram which cocks the gun

    This is probably the first really good thing you have made XD Nice compact size and just really cool. 4.5*

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