This is a Knex lift I will use in my new ballmachine "Carbon"

Here is a video of it in action.

Hope you enjoy it ( ;

Step 1: Entrance

Build this.

Step 2: Exit

Follow pictures.

Step 3: Pistons Part 1

Build this.

Step 4: Piston Part 2

Build this.

Step 5: Piston Part 3

Connect them.

Step 6: Main Frame

Build half of the main frame.

Step 7: Piston Arm

Build this.

Step 8: Piston Arm

Build it.

Step 9: Ball Rail

Build it.

Step 10: Connecting Them Together

Connect them.

Step 11: Piston Arm

Build it

Step 12: Placing the Piston Arm in the Main Frame

Slide it in.

Step 13: More Main Frame

Build it.

Step 14: Put It Together

Connect them

Step 15: Attach the Entrance

What the title says.

Step 16: Attach the Piston Arm

Connect it.

Step 17: Attach the Pistons

Attach it on the top and attach two yellow rods.

Step 18: Connect the Pistons

Step 19: The Other Side

Build it.

Step 20: Even More Main Frame

Build it.

Step 21: Step 21

Build it... I'm getting board

(Pun intended)

Step 22: Step 22

Connect them

Step 23: Connecting the Second Piston Arm

Follow the pictures.

Step 24: The Third Last Step

Connect the together like this.

Step 25: Second Last Step

Attach the exit.

Step 26: A Few More Pictures

Here are a few more pictures but the last step is to:




<p>This is neat! Took me like 10 - 15 min. EZ but cool!</p>
<p>Wow thanks, that's the first tome somebody used one of my instructions =)</p>
I will make a new ball machine at some point and (try to) use this =)=)
<p> That would be neat. c:</p>
Yup =P
<p>That looks cool! I'll try to build it :D</p>
wow another lift for the k'nex community! good job ;)
<p>Nice instruction!</p>

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