Introduction: Knex Pit Bike

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Hey everyone. Just thought I would share a Knex pit bike I made. Please post any thing different you have done to the bike. I would love to see it.

Step 1: Piece Count and Handle Bars and Front Forks.

Picture of Piece Count and Handle Bars and Front Forks.

This is how to build the front forks. Had the wrong piece count the first time.

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body

This is the body of the bike.

Step 3: Seat

Picture of Seat

This is how to build the seat. It's not the best seat.

Step 4: Swing Arm

Picture of Swing Arm

This is how to build the swing arm.

Step 5: Video

Video of the suspension.


kneximo (author)2011-06-20

i made this and turned it into a quad. i m now trying to make a better rear suspension for the quad any suggestions

finmonster (author)2009-11-23

really good well done

GTRPLR1995 (author)finmonster2009-11-24

Thanks, let me know if you make any upgrades like front suspension or something like that.

smilee (author)2009-10-17

Good Job!

GTRPLR1995 (author)smilee2009-10-23

Thanks :)

DJ Radio (author)2009-10-17

Cool little novelty toy, can you do flick tricks with your fingers?  Anyways, 3.5*

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