This is a gigantic knex gun used to blow up planets.

Step 1: Make the Bottom.

Put the pieces together like in this picture. This is the bottom of it.

Step 2: Step 2

Put three red pieces on: one in the middle and two on the sides. Put on four yellow sticks pointing to the middle.

Step 3: Step 3

On the outside red sticks, put one orange, one small white, another orange and another white. Do that to the other side. Then add a green piece, a blue stick, and another green piece. Do the same thing on the other side.

Step 4: Step 4

First: Put a white circle piece on the middle stick. Fit as many white sticks as you can on this piece.

Second: Attach the white sticks to red corners. Then attach yellow sticks to the red corners, pointing up.

Step 5: Last Step

First: Attach green pieces to remaining blue sticks. Attach them to the end of the yellow sticks so they point to the middle.

Last: Get another white circle and attach two blue sticks like antennae to it. Place this on top of the red stick in the middle. Get another white circle and attach as many white sticks as you can to it. Lay it flat so it sticks on the green pieces around the outside and the two blue sticks under it in the middle.

You're Finished!!!
What is this?!? Does it shoot or just a model?!?
just a model but a cool-looking one
hellchild you look like the dude who plays fred on the internet
Pluto isn't a planet anymore, because I blew it up with this thing!
his brother i guess........but awesome gun
dude!!!!!!!! this thing is awesome!!!!!!! i blew up jupiter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.
so thats were it went...
My version is coming sooooooooooooooon! lol :D it will be out tomorrow possibly on slideshow PM me if you want instructions
If you took out the inner missile, you coulkd fire it out of other guns!
so awesome :D i built it and i threw it 1,000,000 miles :D it is so awesome. best grenade period. lol nice try though +1<br/><br/>I love making cheap jokes about little mishaps =]<br/>
lol :)
Does it even shoot?
that's exactly what I said!
well at least its not a block trigger :-p
lol it doesn't even have a trigger!
I know...... thats the whole point *-*
wait... what? you changed your name!
Yep! My dad did/nt want me to have my name on the internet (a bit paraniod) because of scammers and whatnot. so now i_am_canadian is my new name! I hope people recognise me by my pic.
yeah, my parents are the same.
My parents don't like my screen name either. But that's only my first name....
don't tell them that you can change your name by asking Eric then.
Why? so loads of people don't change their name?
no, so your parents can't tell you to change your username
Ooohhh........ I get it...... <sup>Finally</sup><br/>
well, it's ok, Ojochris is my screen name(or whatever you call it) for most everything...
Oh I came back cause I researched that there was a bomb like this dropped on japan on August 6, 1945 if i do remember correctly ;D Pretty intense stuff
i really did rate it +1
so did I.
lol :)
wtf is that, a rocket? or some flower pot
killerk's got a run for his money
what is this?
AWESOME Im gonna get sued if there is someone still alive on this planet when i use this weapon ;D great job kid =)<br/>
omg i nearly killed the moon with this! its dangerous!
It didn't work.
brilliant gun, i built and it shot 5000 feet. +1 :P
good instructions though.
we shouldn't be meen so you say it can destroy planets? then if so it's the best gun I've ever seen. lol
0mg b3s7 9un 3v@R!!!

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