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Introduction: Knex Plasma Pistol

This is a knex plasma pistol that I made when I was a bit bored a couple of days ago. Please note that the barrel is from knexmaster#1's M47 full-stock shotgun-so don't have a go at me for it. This can be really powerful with the right amount of rubber bands. It uses about 202 pieces.

Please Note That this is NOT A TOY

You will need

Green- 32
White- 24
Blue- 12
Grey- 6

Light Grey- 4
Orange- 18
Green- 8
Half moon- 40
White Snowflake- 10
Purple Corner Piece- 20

Sticky Tape
Blue Spacer Ring- 22
Grey Spacer Ring- 2

Step 1: The Body

Make two of these

Step 2: The Barrel

This is a modified barrel from the M47 Full- Stock shotgun . Make two of this

4 blue spacers
9 half moons
2 snowflakes
2 orange connectors
3 half moons
trigger system (pic 3)
8 half moons

Step 3: Putting It Together

Put together the pieces you have alredy built to make two of these

Step 4: The Firing Pin

Make two of these

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Pull back the firing pin until the trigger (orange connector) snaps down, then insert your ammo (white rods are best) and pull down the trigger

Pic 1-Unloaded
Pic 2- Loaded



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     It looks more like a plasma rifle, but nice pictures!

    ok well u should mension that in the description

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    4.7 ft., not too big. He's cute-ish, though!

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    Pics of lance?

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