This is a knex plasma pistol that I made when I was a bit bored a couple of days ago. Please note that the barrel is from knexmaster#1's M47 full-stock shotgun-so don't have a go at me for it. This can be really powerful with the right amount of rubber bands. It uses about 202 pieces.

Please Note That this is NOT A TOY

You will need

Green- 32
White- 24
Blue- 12
Grey- 6

Light Grey- 4
Orange- 18
Green- 8
Half moon- 40
White Snowflake- 10
Purple Corner Piece- 20

Sticky Tape
Blue Spacer Ring- 22
Grey Spacer Ring- 2

Step 1: The Body

Make two of these

Step 2: The Barrel

This is a modified barrel from the M47 Full- Stock shotgun . Make two of this

4 blue spacers
9 half moons
2 snowflakes
2 orange connectors
3 half moons
trigger system (pic 3)
8 half moons

Step 3: Putting It Together

Put together the pieces you have alredy built to make two of these

Step 4: The Firing Pin

Make two of these

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Pull back the firing pin until the trigger (orange connector) snaps down, then insert your ammo (white rods are best) and pull down the trigger

Pic 1-Unloaded
Pic 2- Loaded
awsome awsome awsome
this looks like the plasma pistol of Halo
 It looks more like a plasma rifle, but nice pictures!
ok well u should mension that in the description
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I have a Reticulated Python.
nice! how big is it?
4.7 ft., not too big. He's cute-ish, though!
of course, snakes are so cute!
no they are so cute
: D
Pics of lance?
here he is! say, HI Lance!
i have a snake, she's a albino corn snake named sun glow
Sun glow...AWESOME name. A pic?
Naw, i dont have a pic...yet
As soon as you do, post it here. Lance died a couple months ago. : (
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Yep, I think that that's enough.
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lol, how big will he get? and whats his name?
Name's Lance!
5 ft long-Thats impressive! No I don't have a pet snake-it was the first random name i could think of. But I would like a pet corn snake
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Sorry i mean snakes not snake.
I like snake but im more into lizards. But still, snake are cute and cool at the same time.
if you connected both triggers to a trigger like in gorkems's sniper you could shoot both at once.
It makes me so sad when i kill grunts in Halo 3. They get scared, call me a big bully, start crying, and say leave me alone. I dont like to do it.
Dont kill grunts There are plenty of other things that shoot you
cause it's made out of KNEX. if you don't have enough of a brain to figure that out, i don't know how you managed to build it in the first place.
he's kidding, and have you heard of this thing called the "be nice" policy? oh, and you don't have enough of a brain to figure he's kidding?
question do you put your hand inside
Yes u do
cool! still have to build it I wasn't gonna until someone answered .
how do you fire it? there's no visible trigger...
uhhhhhhhh.... block trigger
nice gun, and I put on a true trigger. unfortunatelt, i will not post it or put a picture here.

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