Knex Playing Card Holders for Settlers of Catan





Introduction: Knex Playing Card Holders for Settlers of Catan

Hi there.
     My family and I love to play Settlers of Catan together, but are cards are always getting disorganized. So I decided to make some card holders for them.
     The card holders each hold 6 different types of cards. I designed these card holders for regular and Seafaring Catan. If you are playing the Cities and Knights version of Catan you can easily ad another layer and replace the development cards with the Victor of Catan cards.

     Thank you for viewing. KneXtreme 

Upcoming Projects
    I have 3 upcoming projects that I'm working on, so stay tuned.



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    Thank you for posting this instructable! It's great that the Catan cards fit perfectly between the k'nex pieces.

    Cool. Did you play the regular Catan or one of the expansions? By the way, thanks for my 700th comment.

    Cool design! I've never even heard of Settlers of Catan. :-P

    Thanks. You should check out their website. Also if you want to you can download there free trial version here.

    I get to much sheep ;-)

    Nice! I always play the cardgame with my family.