I wanted to start out simple for my first instructable, and I used to watch Price is Right, so I created Plinko. All it is is a flat structure using white connectors and using blue rods as the obstacles. I would reccomend a smaller marble-or to open the obstacles a little more. I do have to say the "goals" and the borders are a little rusty--along with the stand. If you were to make this, there are hundreds of ways to modify so........
how do you win?
At the small spaces at the bottom (near the orange connectors), I labeled them with tape for a certain amount of points. The closer to the middle, the higher the points. Then, drop a coin or a marble from the slot in the top and see where it lands :P
Another smart game! You should try the pachinko machine (shadowknight16) too!
Have you ever heard of a Pachinco machine. It is big in japan, you should build that next. FYI: It is a gambling machine. but anyway, good job.
That sounds like a good idea, I'll try that sometime!! Thanks! <br>I'm working on another &quot;companion&quot; to plinko, so I'll start soon.
No problem
This is neat! Maybe build an even bigger one next time, with more paths? Good luck!
your welcome

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