The difficult parts are the arm and rotor, obviously.  The pivot, btw, is a red rod connected in the back to a purple/blue 3d connector, that's connected to the tower like the 'snowflake' connectors, that is, with 4 white rods.

If you can't figure out the rest I  can't really help you.


Step 1:

it goes about 20 steps in about 10 sec! its awesome! thanks for sharing!
wow mine goes like so fast!!!! like 5 times faster then in your video! I used a different motor. but yah... nice 5*
hmmmmm....... Like It!! Now Lets see if I can make it......
can u like use any motor u want? :P
 For anyone who can't get it to work, extending the distance between the main axle and the parallel rod connected to it can help it work better.
 Not bad. I made a low peice count one..
i ok i just finish making it but it doesnt count up<br /> ;(
Does the structure itself run like in the video?<br />
yes it does exactly what the vidio shows
You have a pokemon on the walker, right?&nbsp; I&nbsp; don't know what to say, it's probably your pokewalker.&nbsp; Mine works with both my pokewalker and my sisters, and a modification to walk both at the same time also works perfectly.<br /> <br /> Try rotating the holder 90 degrees?&nbsp; I don't know what to tell you.<br />
nvm i got it too work but i changed the&nbsp; design is that o.k.
<em>No it's not OK, how dare you build something that is not to my exact specifications!<br /> <br /> I am enraged by your actions!</em><br /> <br /> ...<br /> <br /> Dude, you don't need to ask my permission to change the design...&nbsp; In fact why don't you post your mod for anyone who had the same problems as you ;)<br />
post more descriptive instructions plz
nice!<br />

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