K'nex Pokemon Autowalker





Introduction: K'nex Pokemon Autowalker

The difficult parts are the arm and rotor, obviously.  The pivot, btw, is a red rod connected in the back to a purple/blue 3d connector, that's connected to the tower like the 'snowflake' connectors, that is, with 4 white rods.

If you can't figure out the rest I  can't really help you.


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:



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    14 Discussions

    it goes about 20 steps in about 10 sec! its awesome! thanks for sharing!

    wow mine goes like so fast!!!! like 5 times faster then in your video! I used a different motor. but yah... nice 5*

     For anyone who can't get it to work, extending the distance between the main axle and the parallel rod connected to it can help it work better.

     Not bad. I made a low peice count one..

    You have a pokemon on the walker, right?  I  don't know what to say, it's probably your pokewalker.  Mine works with both my pokewalker and my sisters, and a modification to walk both at the same time also works perfectly.

    Try rotating the holder 90 degrees?  I don't know what to tell you.

    No it's not OK, how dare you build something that is not to my exact specifications!

    I am enraged by your actions!


    Dude, you don't need to ask my permission to change the design...  In fact why don't you post your mod for anyone who had the same problems as you ;)