I was always tired of drinking warm pop, but I didn't want to crowd my fridge by putting all of my pop in there. I remembered a product that I saw on tv a while ago. It showed pop being spun in a sort of container because the pop cooled down faster when spun. So I decided to make my own out of knex. It cools down pop faster than putting it in the fridge or putting it in the freezer.

When you decide to use this, make sure that you place it on some sort of container because the melted ice cubes will drip down. The cans do occasionally stop spinning. When this happens, just press a thumb nail down onto the can.

Step 1: Parts

You will need the following knex pieces:

80 small grey
70 small black/green
17 blue
1 large grey

49 grey/purple
27 white/black
24 blue
9 brown/orange
6 yellow

6 one inch diameter wheels with rubber outline
8 grey spacers
2 of those black things
2 of those brownish mustardish things
1 of those blue things that looks like a brownish mustardish thing but with out the little point sticking out
1 knex motor
2 AA batteries for the motor

I may have counted out too many small grey rods and not enough small black rods, but it shouldn't be off by too many.
what if i dont have the small wheels what can i use to turn the pop? <br>
i just made it :D nice 5/5
hehe i built it :D and its useful 5/5
very cool dude
Very Nice!
It's not a gun! Good use of bits, I'm still trying to find a non-gun use for what little I have... L
dude change your pick!
YOU have knex?? I didn't know that.
maybe some how you could connect that to a knex soda dispenser
sweet, i'd build it if i had the pieces, and i think this is the first time in years i have it called pop
<em>Cool</em>. :)<br/>
Ha sweet I want one. I'll build some day
That is great!! A practical use for knex. Good job. 5* <br/>

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