Introduction: Knex Project 2: Aggresor

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this is my second ball machine that Ive made.
sorry if some of the steps are hard to follow because i didnt want to take it apart incase i couldnt put it together again.
If you need any help just comment on the step and i will try to help you.
btw let me warn you now i CARNT spell. okay?

Step 1: The Tower

Picture of The Tower

this step may prove a little difficult but ask if you need help

Step 2: The Base

Picture of The Base

Here you will be making the base and attatcing it.

Step 3: The Top Chain Lift

Picture of The Top Chain Lift

here you will be building the top chain lift.
thanks to darth trainman for the idea for it !

Step 4: Path One in the Video

Picture of Path One in the Video

here i will show you how to make path one.
ask if you need help.

Step 5: Land Pad of Path 1

Picture of Land Pad of Path 1

here is the landing pad for path 1.
ask if you need help

Step 6: Path 2

Picture of Path 2

here is how to build path 2.
if you need help ask.

Step 7: The Chain

Picture of The Chain

the is 42 chain links and a ball lift on the first and 21 chain link

Step 8: Motor

Picture of Motor

all motors can be used you'll just have to adapt it to the machine depending on hat mototr you use
sorry the fist pic is rubbish but you shoud get how it goes on ; )

thanks for building my ball machine.
have fun and i hope you enjoyed it !!!!!


KneXFAN200 (author)2016-09-18


knex1111111111 (author)2011-05-15

Just an idea, but if you have enough pieces you can combine your projects and make a mega one.

I have a big one already built (Well compared with the others I've built) But the format that my camera films in doesn't seem to work with WMM. I'm trying to get it fixed.

Nickia94 (author)2009-10-10

 this might be a dumb question, but where did u get the balls?

Tom Buckey (author)Nickia942009-10-11

Well for first its not a dumb question.
I get them from sets I got I while back (6-7 Years ago) And you can get them on Ebay. K'nex dont sell the original K'nex any more the only sell KidK'nex and Micro K'nex so the only place you could find them now is Ebay

Go on to buy parts from the warehouse. They have everything.

Nickia94 (author)Tom Buckey2009-10-16

 ok... thanks

or if you live in holland you can use

knexman2001 (author)2010-08-04

it looks awesome,but it is like7% hard. 5 stars!

Tom Buckey (author)knexman20012010-08-05

Thanks! Have you built it then?

knexman2001 (author)Tom Buckey2010-09-22

yes and its perfect

bboy18 (author)2010-05-12

this ball machine is amazing i love path 2! 5 star *****

Tom Buckey (author)bboy182010-05-12

Thanks! so have you built it?

bboy18 (author)2010-05-10

I am making this at the moment and wondering why do u need cogs all the way up can i do it with just 2 at top 2 at bottom x

Tom Buckey (author)bboy182010-05-10

Yes you only need 4 cog's but I put more in to make it more stable.

Zombiekiller-93 (author)2009-11-22

These ball machines you have built are brillant


I just built this and it is brillant
Question: Are we going to see any more ball factories

Videos? Yes
Instructions? No, the reason is beacue the two new videos i will post in 2010 they have already been destoryed to make a newer one which is under construction :)

good luck


Lowney (author)2009-09-11

I like the wheel topple thingies!

Tom Buckey (author)Lowney2009-09-11

yeah they are most peoples favorite aswell

Lowney (author)Tom Buckey2009-09-11

Hehe most original/innovative things are!

Tom Buckey (author)Lowney2009-09-11


GeekBeam (author)Tom Buckey2009-12-24

he right i like them too with the yellow pieces stopping them from falling out thats the most original thing ive seen to date

Tom Buckey (author)GeekBeam2009-12-24


flea208 (author)2009-08-27

can you substute the chain for summin else

GeekBeam (author)flea2082009-12-24

you can use mini chain links they work well for me i'm working on a ball machine that features that as a lift. you can also look up ball machine lifts a couple o' guides should come up if you look around a little. i'd go for shadowman39's guide to ball machine lifts it has 13 lifts if i remember right

wehe-tehe (author)2009-07-09

made ti AWSOME!! it a 5

Tom Buckey (author)wehe-tehe2009-07-12


artix (author)2009-07-09

this is probably 1of the coolest ball machine i ever built i give it a 8

Tom Buckey (author)artix2009-07-12


bounty1012 (author)2009-06-27

lol, "i CARNT spell ok?"

knexpert#10829476 (author)2009-06-08

Thanks for correction!

knexpert#10829476 (author)2009-04-14

Beautiful! One question still lingers, what's so aggressive about it?

well i pic my names for my ball machines by getting a dictionary and opening it on a random pageand the first word i see that looks cool i use !!!!

TigerNod (author)Tom Buckey2009-04-21


builder968 (author)2009-04-20

Nice. 5*

smilee (author)2009-04-19

can you substitute the wheels with anything

Tom Buckey (author)smilee2009-04-20

well im not sure youll have to work something out because ive destorryd mine to build my new ball machine. sorry :(

knexpert#10829476 (author)2009-04-16

Those tires come in two sizes. Which size are you using because my ball always misses the ball arm. Can you help?

I believe those are the small ones. (correct me if I'm wrong)

I was using big ones.

they are the small ons :)

knexpert#10829476 (author)2009-04-15

Thanks! I found the problem for the big slide. Not enough diagonal vertical incline or not long enough.

TigerNod (author)2009-04-14

Very impressive, a great improvement compared to relentless! When I have posted my SPARCSS I might just build this!

Tom Buckey (author)TigerNod2009-04-15

cool and thanks !!

smilee (author)2009-04-14

awesome great work

Tom Buckey (author)smilee2009-04-15


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