video Knex Project Runaway ( knex ball machine)
Old ball machine that i made and i finally got the video up. My second ball machine that worked and on thati was about to enter in the knexpert search two years ago but decided not to. 
knexfun1016 months ago

Really Cool!, but you really should make vid

www1392 years ago
somthing wrong with your you tube account
nice thing, but bad vid. make instructions =D
really bad vid
ryry20114 years ago
lame but project 4 really
lol project quatro track 1,project quatro track 2, project quatro track 3, project quatro tack 4, project quatro overview coulda just said tack 1-2-3-4 and overview lol but still nice
bumboozer (author)  aleceatsfood4 years ago
i made this two years ago
how old were you when you made this video?
bumboozer (author)  Lightning Thunder4 years ago
that's my age

i noticed it said project quatro
bumboozer (author)  Lightning Thunder4 years ago
that is what i first named it but then i changed the name but not the video.
the path's are too short
nice post for sub 4.09*
bumboozer (author)  knexinventer4 years ago
I broke this 2 years ago. Sorry :(
~KGB~4 years ago