<p>Sorry I hit the wrong button;) and actually hate WWE</p>
<p>Nice job!</p>
Cool creations!
if i built the sixth thing can i post it so thers can make it too?
Go ahead.
i ment sixth to last thing i dont have the green rods for the sixth one sorry:-)
thanks :)
did you make all of those at the same time or what??????????????
How do you get the grey subtitles on a slideshow? See the last picture to see what I mean! BTW that plane and the crane are awesome!
I've always asked, but I never get an answer :(
haha, same
could you post the first one
the RBG gattling gun is the best.
Wow, I love the crane!
those are some sweet creations!<br />
so frikin sweet, post the ship!!!
Where is the ship?
I&nbsp;think he means the plane-- maybe he thinks its a spaceship<br />
the rocket thingamabob
Cool projects man.
I have a few ideas: A chair (people size) A go kart (drill powered, that is ridable) A table (with hidden drawers and cup holders) Ipod projector www.instructables.com/id/Make-an-iPod-Video-Projector/ (Would be pretty small, but really cool) Skate board ( I made one roller skate, but I ran out of pieces!)
just now that i'm busy with making an instructable on how to make a chair I see your comment<br />
The chair has been done before. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.knex.com/club/knex_indiv.php?id=46">http://www.knex.com/club/knex_indiv.php?id=46</a><br/>
Oooo, I like some of those, buy I have an idea of my own atm.
You are building an ATM? That's awesome! Could you make it dispense K'Nex pieces?
lol :D<br/><br/>Atm = At the moment, I have an idea of my own at the moment ;)<br/>
I know. It just seemed like the perfect set up. :)
man these all look really good, <strong><em>4,5 STARS</em></strong><br />
How do you add the grey subtitle boxes to a slideshow?
I like the little ball machine thingy (the circle race track like thing). Is there an Instructable for it?
well thats no good :( anywayz u build some awsome stuff! gr8 job!!!
Are you going to post the plane? :-)
I made the rollercoaster from the picture!
Can you upload the K'nex Ball Roller Coaster type thing you made? Looks really awesome, 5/5! XD
omg u need to post the roller coaster.. sweet designs
you sellin those pieces?
you have a lot of parts...
ya>.> to much.
I'm getting to a point where my room can't hold anymore k'nex stuff
can you send some yellow cons to me?

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