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Introduction: Knex Tank

The Tank
the tank i came up with all by myself and it uses a chain that has over 200 gray connectors on each side.  This tank uses a Trekker Motor that has a fast and slow speed.  I really did not base the tank of anything i kinda just went as i built it.



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    That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Grey connectors!

    This is pretty awesome, certainly a unique design. Did you come up with the design yourself? 4*

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    yes i did come up with the design myself

    you built like i would- go as you build!

    This looks like something you'd find in Halo. But it's a cool tank.

    you could add a turret w/ smg on top:):(

    5* for sure, but just for inspiration maybe a turret, just an idea though?

    I'm going to attempt to make the tank - the drive won't be exactly the same, but i shal do my best :)

    its for a ball machine it just moves a ball from one place to another

    Dude all these are awesome. I really want you to post that tank ASAP.

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    sorry but i am not posting the tank because it has been torn down