Knex Pseudo Semi Auto Handgun



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Introduction: Knex Pseudo Semi Auto Handgun

I decide to take a different approach on the mech from my revolver and came up with this. It has a pretty decent range probably 30 feet. The only con so far is how the mag occasionally jams i.e. the bullet slides back if the gun is tilted upwards. Probably wont post instructions unless i get enough requests



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    ill spell it out.P-O-S-T-!

    So, is this just a hammer based gun? Or does every trigger pull pull back and release the hammer? If it does pull and release the hammer every trigger pull I would be VERY interested in this gun!

    Get back to me about that.

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    its just a hammer based gun. the only mech that i know of that uses that system and works well is Oodalumps WASP

    Alright thanks! Was just curious on how it worked.

    Nice, I like your dog!