K'nex Pseudo Semi Auto Pistol.




Introduction: K'nex Pseudo Semi Auto Pistol.

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This is a pseudo semi auto pistol that I made. It uses the alternating trigger concept by Oblivitus. I give credit to him for
that. This has two firing pins side by side, so you get two shots of semi auto. The triggers block behind the handle.
This doesn't shoot very far, because it has red rods for firing pins. I will try to make the gun shoot farther. 
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    This is an old project. It's currently dismantled or buried and half-broken in my huge box of K'nex creations. I could make a tutorial, but it is kind of an old concept.

    Sorry, my account is glitched, first I somehow manage to follow myself and I can't undo it, and now the site says I posted "How do you make it?" three times! I only posted it once!!! Sorry about this spam glitch, I didn't mean to.

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    No problem dude. =D I double, triple, and quadruple post all the time, lol.

    does anyone play growtopia here?

    So it's just a double barrel pistol with two triggers? How is this even pseudo semi auto? Isn't it the same as just putting two guns together, side by side?

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    This uses an alternating trigger mechanism. So, when you pull the trigger
    once, it shoots one barrel, and so when you pull the trigger again, it fires the other barrel.

    Cool spin on my design. If you used gray firing pins and got the range up to 40 or so feet it would be a viable battle gun.

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    At the moment I am modifiying it to have gray firing pins. After I have done that,
    I will post a version 2.