Knex Pump-Action Rifle


Introduction: Knex Pump-Action Rifle

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Hey, this is my somewhat innovative gun that has the ability to be a good war weapon for a knex war. The pump pushes the pin back while at the same time it uses a bolt-action like effect where a pin pushes a bullet up into a separate chamber. So this way, there's more power. Now for the Pros and Cons:

High ROF
Decent Range (35-45ft)
Removable Mag
Looks Cool (In My Opinion)

Uses some cut parts



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    Looks awesome. The mech looks a lot like Sharir's rempar (it is in the related section of this page if you didn't see it). I'd love to see instructions for this

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    Btw, is it bolt action?

    Yes, in terms of mechanical functions. The bullet is pushed up into another chamber, but you use the pump to prime the shot.

    Post? Btw the reason why I'm not working much on the collaboration is because I have a sprained wrist.

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    No, I'm not going to post it. I will probably stop working on the collaboration because I'm getting to be really busy.

    This is pretty cool. It looks nice and is more compact than Sharir1701's type. BTW, most of us are still waiting for your grenade launcher...when are you gonna post it!?!?

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    Lol, I'm in the middle of a relocation process and have been busy because I have lots of tests coming up. Plus I'm doing a collaboration at the moment with someone. If I'm not too busy I can try and do it this upcoming week. If that sounds okay, considering it's not a whole lot to post.

    Oh yeah, duh, that's right. Sorry for me being "fresh" with you. XD I just am so excited to see it, that is all. Who are you doing a collaboration with? Or rather, what is the collaboration on?

    Was that sarcastic? : P Anyways, I'm doing a collaboration with knexsniper1 and TheAwesomestDude. I'm not sure if they want me really telling you what we're working on though, sorry.

    No, I was not being sarcastic, I was serious. Anyway, it is fine that you can't tell me, I just usually like to be ahead of the game.

    This is great! The stock and especially the pin gun are very bent though

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    Yeah I know it looks bent and stuff. But, it functions really well and is sturdy nonetheless.

    Nice! Great idea and gun, though I also agree with Knex.X

    Awesome love it :D