Build if you like it, don't if you well don't.

Step 1: Trigger, Pump Mech, Ram Rod, Mag Pusher

sure, i'll check it out
<p>does the mag have a quick load slot??</p><p>i might build it if it has one, but the competition between this one and the new tm5-kpas is tight. and the tm5 might win if this doesn't shoot well for me</p>
It could. Just give me a few days to remake it and I'll let you know. But I'd recommend the new TM5 for competitions as this was just a proof of concept gun
i understand, take all the time you need and i will look forward to the result. and if you need some help with ideas and such, just let me know
<p>Also Id recommend checking out the PKG by Vaetheon as his version 2 was what i was really working towards</p>
<p>i really like the looks btw, but the trigger just looks odd without a trigger guard</p>
first :3 very cool gun

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