Knex Pump-Action Shotgun PAS2000





Introduction: Knex Pump-Action Shotgun PAS2000

Hello guys,
I'll show you how to make an easy knex shotgun.
with a pump-action system, so you can reload very easy
and fast !!

- it shoots about 50 ft !
- the magazine holds 20 rounds
- you can reload the magazine in 70 seconds
- you can shoot very fast !! (the whole magazine in less than 40 seconds)
- ...


Step 1: The Barrel

the barrel is not necessary, it is just for make it look cool

1) make 1 of this
2) make this 5 times
3) make this 2 times
4) Add everything together

Step 2: The Grip

this is the foregrip:

1) make this 1 time
2) make this 2 times
3) make this
4) add everything together

Step 3: The Magazine

this is the magazine
it holds 20 rounds and it almost never blocks
it is very easy to reload.

1) make them both 2 times
2) make this 2 times
3) add everything together with white rods
4) make this

Step 4:

1) make this
2) add this
3) add them all together

Step 5: The Trigger

this is the trigger:

1) make this one time
2) maek this 2 times
3) make this
4) add 1,2,3 together (1 in the middle )
5) make this
6) add 5 together
7) another picture of 6
8) add the two parts together

Step 6: Handle/ Pushpin

this is the handle you'll need for relading

1) make them both 3 times
2) use 1 to make this
3) make this 2 times
4) make this
5) add 3 to 2 on both sides
6) add 4
7) make the pushpin
8) make this

Step 7:

make this 2 times

Step 8: The Back

this is the back

1) make this 2 times
2) add blue rods
3) make this
4) add everything together

Step 9: Assembly

add all the steps you have made before

1) add the magazine and step 4 together
2) add the trigger
3) add this part (see note)
4) add step 7 on both sides
5) add this part (see note) 
6) add the barrel
7) close up from the barrel (pay attention on the connection !!)
8) add the grip
9) add step 6
10) add the back of the gun

Step 10: Adding Rubber Bands

1) sometimes you must connect 2 rubbers, use th reef-knot
2) add rubber bands to the gray connectors
3) use step 2 for the magazine
4) add rubber bands to the pushpin  (remove the back while adding the rubber bands)
5) put the back on again
6) add rubber bands to the handle
7) add a rubber band to the trigger

Step 11: How to Reload

this is how to reload, it is very easy !!

1) open the magazine
2) move the magazine pusher over here
3) fill the magazine with blue rods, move the pusher, close the magazine and done !



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it a good design
but, i missed out 2 small blue bits and when its under 16 bands on power it just blew up when i shot it ;(

I build it and it shoot like 2 feet

use more rubber bands !

this happened with me, i was totally gutted, plz fix

can you make the part list because i am not sure that i will have it. i dont whant to destroy my gun

I like it. It looks futuristic. I'm gonna build it after I finish my homework.

Does it ever jam/ have reliability issues?

No, this gun almost never blocks and the mag doesnt block either !
the only problem you can have is that the pushpin falls apart if you use to much rubber bands but you can shoot very fast without blocking :p