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Introduction: K'nex Pump Action Shotgun With Chamber

About: I do K'nex...a lot. It's fun to mess around with new mechanisms, and to learn about basic engineering. I build mostly guns, and love to build new concepts. I will start posting some of my 'unposted ideas' in...

This is my newest creation - a Pump Action Shotgun that functions very much like a real .20 gauge shotgun that I own. While it doesn't have a stock, it is very sturdy to hold, and the pump moves along smoothly and easily. When the pump is pulled back, it opens a chamber to put in your round, and has a bullet lock to keep the rod from falling out the front of the gun. It shoots yellow rods, and gets a range of about 30 feet with one #64 rubber band. I don't think that there are many guns like this on site, if there are any, (I'm talking about the fact that it opens up to reveal a chamber.) So, that said, here are some Pro's and Con's.

- Pro's -

New Concept

Good Range


Pretty Quick Loading

Looks Cool

Functions Like a Real Gun


- Con's -

Pump isn't held in by anything, so sometimes pokes out a little

Doesn't have a stock, so I don't know if that's bad or anything.


Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. It helps me improve, and I like to know what people think of my builds. I'm also open to suggestions for new builds.


If you want instructions, ask, and I'll see when I'd be able to do it.



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    Yeah I'd like to see how you would do it your way. But do you guys think I did well with this one?

    Alright. I think you did alright. I've never done a pump-action, on here or ever, so I can't give a realistic opinion.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you right away. I posted that right before class yesterday, and I usually like to think about my comment before posting (mull it over)

    Anyway, first let me say a blanket statement, "I love pump action!". So being that this is a pump action, I'm already amused. Now after looking over the gun more thoroughly, I see that it is more of a pump action, breach loaded gun, which isn't quite my thing but just like my first statement purely opinion based.

    Now for a more important part, I would like some instructions if they're available! I want to mod the gun to shoot with a top loaded hopper with shelled ammo. These shells would also eject after every pump.

    So overall I am very interested in this gun, I'd like some instructions and I think that you did a very good job!

    I'll try to make instructions within this next week...school just started up for me, so it's kinda hectic. :/ But anyway this is exactly what I wanted someone to do, trying to make it a shell-ejecting shotgun. I spent a lot of time on this itself, and was kinda sick of taking it apart and fixing the problems it had. So when I don't feel like fixing/upgrading my gun, I just let someone else do it haha :P.

    And it's OK that it's not quite your thing, I'm a lot that way with slingshot guns, (no offense to anyone who likes them). But yeah, I'll get instructions out and you can do that...however, is it OK if I get partial credit if you post it?

    Btw, thanks for the feedback!

    First off, can't wait for the instructions, but take your time. I've got to fix quality control issues with Competitor V so no rush. Secondly I will give you credit! Don't worry man. Even when I modify guns beyond recognition I still credit the original source. Besides I know where I got the original base from.

    Well make it something you are a fan of, like maybe a pump action oodammo gun.

    Possibly, I might do a collaboration with NorthernF so we could potentially do that.

    Yeah he deffinitly seems to have enough k'nex (lol sorry for being a stalker)