Knex RBG Plasma Pistol (Better Instructions)





Introduction: Knex RBG Plasma Pistol (Better Instructions)

This is a KNEX Halo Plasma Pistol. Please remember that I did not make this. This gun is property of Halo 123 Guns. He created this gun from Halo 3. Once again, it is a gear RBG (rubber band gun) plasma pistol from the hit shooter game Halo. I made this instructable for easier instructions.

*Some Mods. By Me*

Step 1: The Frame

The frame of the gun is what is shown below. Be sure to make two of them, one for each side.

Step 2: Some Add-Ons

Here are some add-ons to the frame.

1-2) Filler Thingy
3) Where the Filler Thingy Goes
4) Another Filler Thingy
5) Where the other Filler Thingy goes
6) Once what is it?... oh yeah, a... FILLER THINGY
7) Where the last filler thingy goes

Step 3: Firing System and Trigger

This is the firing system. Instead of a white connector with eight white rods for the rubber band holder, it uses two gears, giving it the maximum hold of 35 rubber bands. The trigger is pretty simple.

1) Make two of these
2) The Trigger
3) Where It All Goes (sorry for blur)

Step 4: The Handy Handle Helper

This is just three yellow connectors on a blue rod attached to the handle.

1) Attach this to the handle.

Step 5: The Top Rail

Just a rail. The rubber band goes on here.

1) Make this
2) Add These
3) And These

Step 6: FINISHED!!!

I think you get where the rubber bands go. As for the trigger, get a rubber band and stretch it on both sides to the third rod from the trigger.



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    umm what is the filler thingy i can't figure out how to build it

     is this semi auto? i love semi auto

    It's pseudo semi-automatic, whereas you load the rubber bands on then pull the trigger to fire. ALL YOU DO TO FIRE IS PULL THE TRIGGER REPETITIVELY. That's what makes it so fun. :)

    it is semi auto in the sense of 'pulling the trigger and firing'. (like my halo gun) However, it is a completely debatable topic, so I was unwilling to put 'Semi-auto' on this one. (also, this model isn't mine)

     this is a good photo. it really helped me because of the PoV you used.

    Well that's quite cool!! I just might build and make it shoot connectors.

    ooodammo sounds like a better path...