Introduction: Knex RBG Sniper Rifle (KRSR)

Picture of Knex RBG Sniper Rifle (KRSR)

A sniper rifle I made which for me has extreme accuracy!
I hope it does for you!

Step 1: The Scope

Picture of The Scope

the scope

Step 2: The Trigger

Picture of The Trigger

the trigger

Step 3: The Butt

Picture of The Butt

The butt! you can improve this if you want.

Step 4: Continuation of the Butt

Picture of Continuation of the Butt


Step 5: Connections

Picture of Connections

connect them

Step 6: Body

Picture of Body

this is quite complicated so look close

Step 7: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

build this as long as you want sorry for the non-detailed instructions *_*

Step 8: Joining

Picture of Joining

join this

Step 9: Build All This

Picture of Build All This

build all this

Step 10: Adding the Trigger

Picture of Adding the Trigger

add the trigger

Step 11: More Joining

Picture of More Joining

joining the butt

Step 12: The Most Important RB

Picture of The Most Important RB

add this

Step 13: Done!!

Picture of Done!!

this is how you fire!


sebass123 (author)2010-07-30

im not sure of how to fire it

nerfer192 (author)2007-11-23

my school has lego club and i made a rubber band shooter and shot my freind in the neck at blaink point. he almost cryed. the techer saw rb's flying across the pod(does ur school have em?) and took my gun and the rubber band. a couple days eairlier we had made a knex crossbow and shot across the pod.

jabbathegut1 (author)nerfer1922008-03-27

same , we made a mindstorms robot that had 2 rubber band c'bows - we made it drive into the libary and shoot randomers.

nerfer192 (author)jabbathegut12008-03-29

lol thats funny. did you get in trouble? oh guess what is blocked at our school now. isnt that so sucky?

Bright Shadow (author)nerfer1922008-12-26

sorry to butt in the conversation, but at my school, just about everything is blocked from Ask to YouTube. INCLUDING Instructables. Instructables isn't militant or extremist... is it?


also, what you just said might be why my school doesn't have a mindstorms/lego/etc. period.

Smart people + legos/Knex = boom.

AJBrawlLvr (author)Bright Shadow2009-03-20

Everything that isnt in every way educational is blocked at our school, even like yahoo

yea same. luckily theres this website meant 2 be a maths website but has NO maths games on it. instead, its bring on the ak-47's and zombies!

J4mm3r5 (author)Bright Shadow2009-02-05


Jesus. (author)J4mm3r52010-02-27


J4mm3r5 (author)Jesus.2010-03-02

 lol that comment has been up for over a year and your the 1st person to correct the spelling 

Bright Shadow (author)J4mm3r52009-02-05

What if there isn't one?

J4mm3r5 (author)Bright Shadow2009-02-07

I dont understand wat u mean

Bright Shadow (author)J4mm3r52009-02-07

what if a porxy server doesn't exist?

J4mm3r5 (author)Bright Shadow2009-02-08

Just go Here to find a list of proxy servers that you can use. i used and it worked. But our headteacher said that if she caught anyone using them they would be punished so I had to stop.

Bright Shadow (author)J4mm3r52009-02-08

okay, I have the same situation, so what's the point? I was edging at the fact that you spelled proxy wrong.

my school blocked youtube and countless other sights
I found a gun selling site that hadnt been blocked and pages with swears in different languages (that I looked up)
they block the harmless sites they think will hurt people
when I try to slack off they make it harder for us

nerfer192 (author)Bright Shadow2008-12-27

wel, actually, its only blocked on my profile. i signed in as my freind and got in perfectly, isnt that wierd. I dont have a rep for making bombs or bringing weapons to school do they think im crazy?

whoops. the block sucks, not Instructables.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)nerfer1922009-02-13

aw, that sucks so bad

jabbathegut1 (author)nerfer1922008-03-29

yep , nealy everything is blocked now , any website me or my mates used is strangely blocked......

freerunnin1 (author)jabbathegut12008-07-15

if u wanna go on a site thats blocked then go on and type instructables in the saerch bar it should work

ILIKEPIE333 (author)nerfer1922009-02-13

fox hill has em

ilovemydogalfie (author)2009-08-16

yeah more pics plz

ILIKEPIE333 (author)2009-02-13

my school has a knex activity block Im contemplating stealing knex

blathers 2112 (author)2008-11-16

how are you supposed to make a alternative trigger?

adio (author)2008-04-23

should i post i made a mod that makes it a sr_v1 fireing and it shoots rods?

freerunnin1 (author)adio2008-07-15

if u cn i mean the triggers alrite n all its just the ammo that lets it down

Oblivitus (author)2008-07-05

I haven`t made this gun to check its power and accuracy, but you should definitely add a handle and work on the stock too.

jedff (author)2008-05-25

its bent

The Jamalam (author)jedff2008-06-16


Knexarmageddon (author)2008-05-23

nice mod! I've taken this apart, but you load the rubber band onto the orange/brown connector, then pull on the hinge closest to the handle to fire.

me like bombs (author)2008-05-05

Is this part very important? Since i've got problems with the trigger :(

Fiex (author)2008-05-02

and it also kinda looks like you don't even need the barrel

Fiex (author)2008-05-02

So how do you fire this gun? looking at it, i don't see the firing mechanism.

adio (author)2008-04-24

here r some pics of it ur moded rbg sniper now its the sr-v1

adio (author)2008-04-23

knexarmageddon should i post my mod for this i shoots like the sr_v1 so u can firer rods

freerunnin1 (author)2008-04-10

if any1 cud make it fire rods instead thn msg me plz

freerunnin1 (author)2008-04-10

its gd but if any 1 cud make it fire rods instead thn msg me plz

Stavroz (author)2008-04-02

cool picture

Stavroz (author)2008-04-02

looks bendy but cool :P +1

kizman (author)2008-01-25

hey man im stuck on the barrell, reckon you could please make it clearer so that me and other people finding it hard (i.e. beginners =)) can accomplish this.

!revenge! (author)2008-01-07

nice gun but... it isnt semi auto

sessknock (author)2007-09-30

hey um the gun looks great its just the barrel is really complex i was wondering if u could maybe post a few more pics on it and pics on how to join it to the other part of the gun but other than that thumbs up for the gun

Fresh94 (author)2007-09-30

if u want a real scope click on my name and check out mine.

sessknock (author)2007-09-30

i think that whenever somone posts a gun there should be a requirment to say how far it shoots and a list that shows the number of rods and conecters u will need to built the gun

Grim sniper (author)2007-09-20

how far dose it shoot

04bobby1 (author)2007-08-26

How can you say this scope is cool it sucks!!!!!!!!!!

mexicoman666 (author)2007-07-06

could u give more detailed instructions on the barrle

heavy bolt (author)2007-06-07

cud u put a video ov it ov it fireing ppl will come then n wach

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