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Introduction: Knex RBG: Changeling RGB

A K'nex rubber band gun with a magazine based reload system.  Magazines can be of many different lengths for different purposes.  Although they may be more like interchangeable barrels, I will be calling them magazines.

- Semi-automatic
- Magazine based reload
- Interchangeable magazines for different purposes (Instructions for more magazines will be added)
- May occasionally fire a burst of two rubber bands or none at all even if the trigger is pulled once.
- Fairly complex
- Uses modified pieces
Suggested Use: Multi-purpose semi-automatic RBG

Halo Plasma Rifle RBG
Halo Plasma Pistol RBG

Step 1: Pieces

Rods: (45 Total)
Green: 7
White: 15
Blue: 23
Connectors: (43 Total)
Dark Gray: 10
Light: Gray: 3
Orange: 1
Red: 8
Green: 6
Yellow: 7
Purple: 8
Special: (1)
Tan: 1
Modified: (3)
1 Broken Rod
2 Modified Yellow connectors (1 is optional)
Total: 92

Leave a comment if you find any mitsakes :)

Step 2: Firing Mechanism

Follow the pictures to build the firing mechanism.

Step 3: Handle

Follow the pictures to build the handle.

Step 4: Assembly Part 1

Follow the pictures to attach the firing mechanism to the handle.

Step 5: Assembly Part 2

Follow the pictures to add a rubberband to reset the trigger.

Step 6: Assembly 3

Follow the pictures to finish the rubber band gun.

Step 7: Reloading & Firing

Filling Magazines:
1) Hold down the trigger of the gun and slide the magazine onto it, making sure that all purple connectors are in place.
2) Stretch a rubber band from the connector from the front of the magazine and onto a space on the white connector.
3) Rotate the white connector back until it clicks
4) Stretch a rubber band from the connector from the front of the magazine and onto the next space on the white connector.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 as desired.
6) Pull the trigger firmly (or slide the magazine off) to remove the magazine.
7) Repeat steps 1-6 for each magazine.
Reloading and Firing the Gun:
1) Hold down the trigger of the gun and slide a magazine onto it, making sure that all purple connectors are in place.  The yellow connector on the barrel of the gun will push the orange connector on the magazine, allowing the trigger to control the white connector.
2) Aim and pull the trigger gently.  Repeat as desired or until empty.
3) Pull the trigger firmly (or slide the magazine off) to remove the magazine.
4) Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.

Step 8: Compact Magazine

Follow the pictures to make a compact magazine
Dark gray connectors may be used in place of the spacers if you don't have any.

Rods: (13 Total)
White: 8
Blue: 5
Connectors: (20 Total)
Dark Gray: 5
Orange: 1
Red: 2
Yellow: 3
Purple: 8
White: 1
Special: (4 Total)
Blue spacers: 4
Total:  39

Step 9: More Magazines (Currently Empty)

Send me a private message to an instructable for magazine(s), and I will add a link to it here!



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    I hope to post it soon, but I'd like you to know what I did with your gun. I added a custom handle; it fits me so much more than the old, but it will not be comfortable for people with larger hands than mine. I used spacers which made the gun much more compact. I made what I like to call "high-support mags" which are pretty much exactly what they sound like. I lengthened the barrel to meet my longer mag, and I set up a system, so that I could slip the mag in without having to hold and release the trigger as it entered, though it makes me have to eject the clips by holding the trigger all the way back, as manually ejecting it keeps my system in the off position. I can't figure out how to get semi-auto with heavy rubber bands, but I am still happy with my clip-fed shotgun.