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This is a gun that i made in my spare time. It has changed a bit since these pics were taken. Should i post? UPDATE I HAVE DISASSEMBLED THIS GUN!!!!! But if you can build it from the pics i would love to see it! =.^b


hunter999 (author)2013-06-20


Ah, ya might want to post guns that are a little bit more...ah...elaborate.

And dont be afraid to be straight forward with me. (as in chill with the uh's and ah's)

I am not that good yet. I only started knex about a month ago. :L

Joe Mamaa (author)2013-03-06

A very original, realistic, and innovative gun. Looks structurally sound, non-skeletal and comfortable to hold as well. Keep it up!

cobramaster205 (author)2013-03-06

I need an answer if I should build this with in a month.

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-03-05

Maybe you should try to make a rod shooting gun, gives more accuracy.

ill try.

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Bio: I mod knex. feel free to give me suggestions.
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