Knex RBG (small and Easy to Make)




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Introduction: Knex RBG (small and Easy to Make)

About: i like building knex guns,and lego guns,i like any movie,and like to build anything,and FLAME .... =D

this gun is for close up fights not long range....
one day i was messing around with some left over knex i had (from building a shotgun)so i came up with this.
~easy to use
~gets about 16 to 18 ft.

~one shot
~range is ok (for close inside)
~and sometimes it shoots less than 16 ft and once it went over 18 ft.

feel free to make my gun better and dont hesistate to ask questons.
this is my first be nice!

Step 1: Handle

look at the pictures and assembe how they look in the next.this is the handle.

Step 2: Holds the Gun Together

these are kinda like a bolt to hold it all together.

Step 3: Frame

the way the gun stays together.

Step 4: Trigger

this is the trigger...

Step 5: Putting It Together

attaching it all together!!! put the handle on the frame... put the trigger in place put the bolt things you made earlier to help it stay in place.

Step 6: Where to Put the Bands

put the band in the hole of the end of the trigger,then attach to the bolt.

Step 7: Load and Go

put the band on and have fun!



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    Good but it would be better if it had more power

    i brought this to school.


    nice gun

    what the heck is that little red thing in step 4 (trigger)

    1 reply

    a micro knex to regular knex transformer (i'm sure you can just use a green rod)

    good 5 min gun! 4 stars

    i do like that it is small but only being single shot makes it not as good