Knex Tyre Cannon





Introduction: Knex Tyre Cannon

It started off as a way to store all of my extra green rods but then i though it could be used as a giant barrel so i made this!!!! it is quite powerful however it is easily damaged if dropped or gripped too hard!!

Step 1: Pieces

You need:

8 large wheel tyres
2 large wheels
3 elastic bands (UNLIKE IN THE PICTURE)
112 green rods (not including ammo)
2 tan connectors
1 small wheel and tyre
1 grey rod
1 white connector

Step 2: The Barrel

This it the bit that takes for ages to do!!! Take the 2 wheels and put 2 of the tyres on them then pic up some of the green rods and press them into the tyre treds as hard as you can, as in the picture. then repeat this with the rest of the tyres.

Step 3: Firing Rod

For this you need the small wheel, the grey rod, 2 tan clips and a white connector.
clip the tan clip on the end of the grey rod so that the small rod on the clip is pointing towards the rest of the rod. then slip the wheel on so the tan clip is connected to the wheel. then attach the other tan clip to the rod but on the opposite side to the other clip and so it faces the wheel and connect it to the wheel. then push the rod through the wholes on the large wheels in the barrel and then clip onthe white connector to the end. as below

Step 4: Attaching the Bands

Put 2 large elasic bands in the top clip of the white connector (i forgot to put 1 on it the pic) and then hook these bands on to the treads of the tyres and then put a other band around them to secure them.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

to load the RPG just pull back the ram, grab a had full of rods and drop them in the barrel then release the ram and the rods will fly out the end prity fast!!! (depending on bands) creating a peppering effect like a shotgun!! also if you want you could put BB pellets in!!

If you are having problems with the ram hitting the sides of the barrel then just check the tyres are aligned and if that still doesnt work then remove the tyre on the ram.




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    i reinforced the inside of mine with duct tape!

     nice idea but after one shot it turnes into bullshit because youll brake it re-loading, just throw it

    your gun sucks ha ha you got owned

    this gun, or any of Loosewire; SOE Operative's stuff=OWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    worth the 5.154396 seconds it took to build.

    airsoft BBs- pour entire container in-release=BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    only true shotgun on this site! +10000000000000

     mine is a true shotgun kinda

    Not the only shot gun, and that still wouldn't be a real shotgun, for there is no pump, stock, trigger, handle, and much of a body.........

    A shotgun doesn't need any of those except the trigger.