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Introduction: Knex RPK-74M

About: Until i get more knex pieces (which i will not purchase), i am done knexing. I have been impressed by the creativity of the knexers on instructables more times than i can count...and now i say good bye and g...

Now thats more like it =p...i felt like making a good old "tube gun", and the first one i remembered seeing was The Dunkis' AK-47 and AK-74...well i think people are too obsessed with the AK-47/74 so i took a different route and ended up with the RPK (favorite LMG in COD BO1)...and i think i did pretty (beaver) dam good =p...pros and cons time?...i think so

Looks Great (IMO)
My 1st or 2nd best knex gun made
Realistic (IMO) iron sights
My 1st or 2nd BEST stock for a knex gun
10+ round mag
almost life sized (real is roughly 40", mine is roughly 44")
great range (i got 40-45 ft, but more bands would get more distance)

kind of piece consuming
bipod is unusable with mag loaded
not semi/full atuto
front sight SOMETIMES gets in the way of shot
no drum mag =(
nothing too special

Shoots blue rods
Credit to The Dunkis (hyperlink above) and Selezonia for mag
Credit to SLDxRaPiiDZz for bipod
Front 3 white rods look better if replaced by blue with 4 gray gear things (IMO) (3rd pic)
Last pic is my new you guys like it or no?



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    Nice! This is the first K'NEX RPK model that I have seen yet.

    Awesome! Classic rifles like this are really cool. I really like the stock, and to make the handle even more awesome, put wheels or rubber of some kind on the pegs or around the handle.

    the "tube" is the white 8way connectors connected by the orange rods in pic 4

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    n why only like to know so i can TRY to fix it