Introduction: Knex RSASS (UPDATE)

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Here's my long awaited RSASS. This is also the first RSASS on instructables made out of knex. I hope you all like it. *I give credit for the handle to beanieostrich*

Looks Cool (My Opinion)
45-50 feet
Ram Guide
Long Pull-Back On The Ram
Cool Scope (My Opinion)
Removable Mag
Internal Mag Pusher

Uses Some Cut Parts




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    Looks nice and clean. If you want to improve the range, I may be wrong here but I'd try and minimise contact between the ammo and top of the barrel. It looks like it rubs against it until it leaves the gun. I like the shape and I think you've done a great job here.

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    The bullets will need longer and more contact with the ram rod cuz physics

    It actually doesn't rub against the barrel at all. The bullet may bump it a little going down the barrel, but that's about it.

    Good to see no 'Too generic' comments. I see that as trolling, and thus, i don't want to post the 'rifle' i have made over the past sixmonth.

    Also, epic looking guyn, looking forward to a 'ible

    Using cut pieces shouldn't be a con. People need to start dealing with it.

    Meh, I wanted to build it like this so it was sturdy. I basically just added a bi-pod and cleaned up the barrel.

    hey ! that's the mag you built inspired from my SSM. credit, please?
    btw, great gun, 95% perfect replica and good stats. i like the bottom addition to the mag. good gun overall, clean and cool. 4.5*

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