Introduction: Knex Rail Car and Track

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A small functional K'nex rail car/ jigger with track.

Step 1: Piece List

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Green: 4
Red: 2
Dark Grey: 10
Light Grey: 2
Purple: 8
Tan: 2
Yellow: 19
Light Blue: 2
White: 4


White: 38
Blue: 3
Red: 1
Yellow: 6
Green: 12


Blue: 16
Silver: 10
Medium Wheels: 4
(No tyres)

TRACK (Per section)


Yellow: 4
Black Y: 1
Orange: 2
Dark Grey: 1


Red: 1
Green: 4
Blue: 2

Step 2:

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Assembling the crankshaft, axels and wheels! Pay attention to the washers!

Step 3: Create-a-Chasis

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Make 2

Step 4: Create-a-chasis Part 2!

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Make the deck. It is 9 connectors wide, pay attention to the gap!

Step 5: Handle Support Adn Axel!

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Make 2 supports

Step 6: Body Building!

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Here we will assemble the entire Jigger, Make sure you clip the rod from the crankshaft onto the grey connector on the handle

Step 7: Track

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These instructions describe the creation of a modular track system, easily expandable! The jigger can't corner very well and I am yet to find a decent curve :(


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