Introduction: Knex Raiser Lift

Picture of Knex Raiser Lift
This is the Knex Raiser lift not to be confused with the knex razor lift (Not that there is such thing).


Step 1: Base

Picture of Base

Here's the base.

Step 2: Really Easy Step

Picture of Really Easy Step

Make this!!

Step 3: Ball Holder

Picture of Ball Holder

This part holds the ball.

Step 4: Putting on the Ball Holder

Picture of Putting on the Ball Holder

Just slide it on!

Step 5: Exit Track Bit 1

Picture of Exit Track Bit 1

This part pushes the ball off.

Step 6: Adding Exit Track Bit1

Picture of Adding Exit Track Bit1

Just put it there!!

Step 7: Next Layer Part1

Picture of Next Layer Part1

Make these or make one of them and repeat four times.

Step 8: Next Layer Part2

Picture of Next Layer Part2

Now stick them on top.

Step 9: The Crankshaft

Picture of The Crankshaft

This will go in the gap.

Step 10: Adding the Crankshaft

Picture of Adding the Crankshaft

Here's where to put it.

Step 11: Really Really Easy Step

Picture of Really Really Easy Step

Easier than step 2 :-)

Put this 'extended rod' on the crankshaft and ball holder.

Step 12: Adding in the Motor

Picture of Adding in the Motor

Put the motor on the Yellow rod like so:

Step 13: The Top

Picture of The Top

This part is somewhere between "for show" and "adjusting the pieces"

Step 14: Putting on the Top

Picture of Putting on the Top

On top, where else?

Step 15: Enterence Track

Picture of Enterence Track

This part is closer to the bottom

Step 16: Putting on the Enterence Track

Picture of Putting on the Enterence Track

Near the front

Step 17: Finishing the Enterence Track

Picture of Finishing the Enterence Track

Three small pieces

Step 18: Putting It All Together and Finished!

Picture of Putting It All Together and Finished!


knex r awesome (author)2015-08-13

very cool but I wish it could go higher. otherwise I really like how few parts it uses.

angry sheep (author)2011-06-22

that part on 5, is the white piece post to connect to the grey part or the red part?


mathsboy314 (author)angry sheep2011-06-25


hunter999 (author)2013-10-08

WOW! This is super piece effiecient!

kittensare (author)2011-04-18

how does it work

mathsboy314 (author)kittensare2013-01-31

Crankshafts turn rotational motion into up-and-down. This can also be seen in the stair lift, and network 2 of 'Tartarus' (a ball machine)

www139 (author)2012-11-10

cool :D

angry sheep (author)2011-06-29

i am using a rubber ball and i broke the red piece on step 5

mathsboy314 (author)angry sheep2012-05-09

Rubber iscreases friction, so it won't work.

Knex1235 (author)2011-12-25

do i need the pannel part or can i use a blue connector on step 3

mathsboy314 (author)Knex12352012-05-09

You must use the panel, that way the ball can get pushed off

angry sheep (author)2011-06-29

and not going under

angry sheep (author)2011-06-25

it wont let me.its just not working.

mathsboy314 (author)angry sheep2011-06-29

Is it going under the ball holder?
If yes, thenturn the blue rods of the base into red rods, and add a second panel to the ball holder.
I would've, but the lift before in my ball machine stuffed so I had to make it lower.

blob1999 (author)2011-05-17


~KGB~ (author)2011-04-13

not bad!

Sorunome (author)2011-04-13

Cool! 4.5*s! :)

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