Knex Rally Car SS





Introduction: Knex Rally Car SS

          This rally car is a upgraded version of coolerthancool505's rally car.  After his permission I decided to build it, upgrade it, and post instructions. This car is virtually indestructible, the only thing that falls off some times is the lower front head lights.  I basically reinforced everything on the car and put in a better engine, muffler, and head lights. The only thing that I didn't put in is the interior because of lack of time, I also just couldn't figure it out, maybe you can? Post some pictures in the comments and if I like them, I'll edit them into the instructable. Enjoy the video :)   p.s. I am not doing a parts list because there are many parts that can be exchange for others.

Step 1: The Chassis

Step 2: The Engine, Front Fenders, and Hood

Step 3: The Front

Step 4: Attaching the Front


Step 5: The Back Frame

I modified the tail fin ( after I took the intro pics) to make the trunk easier to open. What you see in the instructable and at the end is the correct tail fin.

Step 6: Building and Connecting the Back End and Fenders

Step 7: Building and Attaching the Roof

Step 8: The Rear Lights and Doors

Step 9: Attaching the Roof and Back End

Step 10: Finished

Great job. Your done. Time to have some fun. Remember to send me ideas for the interior. If anything is unclear post a comment.
 The last four pictures are mods by the_boss_builder.   



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    Nice car! Where can you get those wheels? Ebay? K'

    um how can you make the engine if you dont have those pieces?

    Thank you for your instruction! I made it!


    Hey you guys should go post comments on mastersplinter306 cars

    Great but maybe you could make the instructions in smaller steps!

    Is the line of oranges at the back necessary I need to know as may not have enough of them. Overall a b err brilliant car though well done.

    no, there not necessary. thank you

    Can you use a other engine?