Step 1: The Back End of the Car

Step 2: Overall Middle - Body

Step 3: The Front of the Car

Step 4: Final Step!!!

This might need some fine tuning to your liking...
Thank you =D One of my oldest projects lol.
cool i might build =D 4.5*s
Looking at my old stuff eh? Well thank you =D I did build cars for a while lol.
yup your welcome =D cool =D i think you should build more cars
Ill make a car once I get enough pieces lol.
yay lol
thats great I gave it 5* but on your 'related words' it says suspension, does it realy have it ? becuase I tried to make it but I dont think I did it right =(
Show me pics of what you made, I will let you know if you did it right =D
im sorry I took it apart already it dont matter im still giving 5* =D
Not bad for a first ible, but for larger models like this, use more steps, it is quite confusing!
Ya, I know. If you were trying to build it, I can see y it would be confusing... <br> <br>Good luck building it!!!

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