this pistol kinda looks like the ray gun from Call of Duty: World at War.  it uses a rocker system for the trigger and is very accurate to about 20 to 30 ft depending on how many rubber bands you have on it.

Step 1: Handle

Step 2: Barrel

Step 3: Final Assembly

trigger is very cool and genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you do know that besides the awesome trigger system, this gun is kinda worthless... right?
i know, i really only built this to see how well the trigger system would work
nice trigger... blocks nice and nice idea but i dont know if its really that reliable or strong but very nice idea. 4*
it is actually very reliable and strong, so far i haven't found any problems with it. build it and try it out if you haven't yet.
i dont have enough pieces and dont wanna tear down 1 of my guns just to check this out... soz . but i believe you though it still looks kinda break-able.
Serious, very very good!5*
this gun was made mostly to test out new design ideas to see how well they would work, specifically the trigger system and block
I like the trigger. I guess I'll give 4*s
The trigger is pretty cool...4*
Pretty good. I'll give you a 4 for making the trigger block that far back. That's pretty clever.
nice trigger
I like the trigger.
i like how you used the blue 3d cons to hold the canoodamo. <br>p.s. canoodamo is the type of ammo your using if you didnt know already.

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