Hey everyone. Here is a project I have been working on for the past few hours. The knex recliner. 
It is actually the first one on the website. I will probably post it once I fix some minor bugs. Here is a
link to see the recliner in action.

I also entered this in the toys and connectors contest. Be sure to check it out once it gets accepted!
<p>I need instructions</p>
Please post! I have an idea to turn it into a ball machine element! I will give you credit if I make it into one but I need instructions!
<p>Please post!!!!!!!!!! :) #yay # nay :) PLEASE POST</p>
post it, it's awesome
Cool! Voted :D
Sometimes, I have no clue how I miss these awesome things... <br> <br>This is pretty cool; keep up the good work.
Make a ible!
I know! But the comment above was more of a add on to the joke
You really into that, I mean action man would have been a better choice!
Haha cool! :)

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