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Introduction: Knex Recovery Truck

This is my Knex Recovery Truck that i made about 7 years ago (back when i was a mere 16), and has been in my loft since. The whole model was my own design, i got inspiration for the crane part from a knex digger i saw. A few years ago i bought a load of knex and in with it was the instructions for a lorry, which i made and added to the front of this, as it was better then the one i made.

It uses a large grey motor for the main winch. It has twin cyber knex motors running another winch on the main boom. It also has 2 "drag" winches on the back.

Its 19 inches high, 9 inches wide and 36 inches long.

Sorry about the poor photo's, but they were taken on my phone.

It's strong and can lift quite a lot - i added a picture of it lifting the ZKAR (with ease) and also a knex "big rig" which is a copy of one made by Beanieostrich

I wont be able to make instructions as i don't have enough of the correct spare bits to do so.

Please tell me what you think



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    That is the coolest thing EVER

    tha t looks awesome why dont you add some steering parts to the truck and if you have difficulties doing that then have a look at some of my creations and fill free to copy then you can modify some components to fit

    Thank you. I did try adding steering to it a few years ago, but it didn't work. I will have a look at your creations and will try again at some point :)

    awesome ! are you working on any guns?

    Thank you. No i'm not - i'm not very good at designing my own things, so i just stick to building guns other people have made :)

    that's what i thought before i started making my own guns. except for a recent kinno-1 mod i made based on kinetic's design, but still rather different, i haven't built anyone else's gun in almost 20 months. it really is all about being confident in yourself, learning things based on other's guns and your own experience, and simply just experimenting and trying. do your best, and if it's not good enough, take it apart and do your best again. your best will increase drastically, i promise. i just want to see more people making guns. i feel like the only person actively designing new types of guns, maybe with the exception of innovanna... if you want i could help you.

    I've tried a few times to make my own guns, but just don't really know what to do. I've tried modifying existing guns, but don't really know what to do :P. Thank you for your offer - i'll take apart some existing things i have made and will get back to you :)