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Hello Friends of Instructables! This is my new Remington 700. So I was outside shooting my Remington 700 30-06 and thought I wonder is someone has made one out of knex? so I pulled out my handy iPhone and sure enough, someone had. there was only one problem, it looked nothing like the 700 so I'm declaring that this is the best replica of the 700 on instructables. So lets talk about the real 700. The Remington 700 is a product made by well you guessed it, Remington. it is used mainly for civilian use such as hunting but is also used in the military. It is one of the best known hunting rifles in existence because of its reliability and deadly accuracy. Now your probably bored with listening about how much I love my 700 so ill tell you about the knex version.


Great looks

Very Reliable

4 round mag


Iron Sights

The trigger guard resets the trigger by its self

Super comfy although the handle is a little wide


Piece consuming

quite a few broken parts

This gun took me a long time to make compared to my other guns so I really gave it my all. right now I have 3 green rods left so you know its piece consuming. Please drop some comments because it is the main reason I build knex guns is just to hear from you guys.

Please vote for me in the Knex Contest

So lets get to building.

As of right now there is no piece count but if someone builds it please could you give me one. it is very appreciated.

Step 1: Stock

Picture of Stock

This is the hardest part, just follow the image notes and you should be fine.

Step 2: Body/Barrel

Picture of Body/Barrel

Yikes, another hard one don't worry though the hard stuff is over. YAYYY!!

Step 3: Scope

Picture of Scope

Very easy step, the building is pretty much done. BTW this is optional.

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Sorry about not having pretty white backgrounds, its hard to find poster board that's big enough to hide my mattress.

Step 5: Ram Rod/Shooting

Picture of Ram Rod/Shooting

So to shoot, you pull back the ram rod. insert your 4 yellow rods. put in the mag pusher. pull the trigger then pull back the ram 3 more times. Have fun showing this beast off to your friends as well as giving them all bruises :). (don't shoot your friends, I never said that, unless you really want to)

If you have any questions or issues please leave them in the comments.


poil87 made it! (author)2018-01-09

Was fun to make. It hurts my soul when I have to break pieces so I did my best to avoid the need for broken pieces. In the end, I only had to break 5 white rods that were needed in the barrel. I also find the rods being held onto the gun with rubber bands a little ridiculous but whatever. Also I think that the grey rod barrel interferes with the yellow rods when they are fired, so I'll probably remove it, but it looks cool non the less.

Lucas The Boss (author)poil872018-01-09

Thanks for building it! This was designed a long time ago and was kind of rushed to get it into the competition and i guess the build quality showed. I found that using green bendy rods to be a good alternative to cutting white rods. Ive got loads of them laying around that never get used so just measure them and best of all, their easy to cut! Those rods held on with rubber bands are purely for asthetics, just makes the gun rounder and more comfortable to hold. Had no idea this site was still alive lol.

poil87 (author)Lucas The Boss2018-01-09

I just had the urge to build something with knex today and saw this.

Rowni422 made it! (author)2016-02-03

Thanks bro i had a lot of fun building this

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-12-30

it looks so realistic :) you got the shape perfect.

Dr MonkeyMan (author)2015-09-15

So is it a hunting rifle of a military rifle?

It's kind of both, most people use it for hunting, but the military still uses it today.

the military still uses it as a training sniper

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-09-04

°0° Looks lethal! great sniper!

Thanks Friend!

MonkeyKnexer15 made it! (author)2015-06-11

really cool sniper

Thank you so much for building it!!!! I put your pic in the ible. So how does it work for you?

Gargamel-Knex (author)2015-05-31

WooaaaW ! Congratulations ! You are a finalist ;)

Knex2thelimit (author)2015-05-30

Congrats on being selected as a finalist!

Thanks! You too.

ashleyjlong (author)2015-05-30

Thanks for breaking it down into steps a non K'Nex person could follow! Great looking piece.

No problem! :)

CorgiCritter (author)2015-05-30

Look's like you're gonna win a prize, as I thought!

Thanks! Congrats to you as well on your carbine!

You're welcome. I've been working on a compact and tactical version of this (the 700) and I used my own internals and stock. You don't even want to see it, it's aweful.

Awe come on, I want to see it

It's a total disaster. Almost like a car got in a wreak then was hit with a train.

please, I want to see if I can help you make it look better

It's a lost cause. I've already use up most of my metallic white rods in it. If you REALLY want to see it, I'll try to get you some pictures tomorrow.

Duckiebob (author)2015-05-27

Wow. I have to tell my dad about youre I'ble

Lucas The Boss (author)Duckiebob2015-05-27

Thanks! What did your dad say?

Doc Penguin (author)2015-05-18


Thanks! Anything your working on?????

CameronG2 (author)Lucas The Boss2015-05-21


Miniboom (author)2015-05-19

Really good, but omg that is a lot of views!

EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2015-04-28

If you win, make a M134 minigun.

EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2015-04-28


Lucas The Boss (author)2015-04-24

Thanks you so much!!! That is the nicest comment I have got in a long time, expecialy coming from a Knex Wizard like yourself. I don't really think I will win the grand prize but I think I'll win something, but if I do win it I will definitely build bigger and better things. Right now this is about the limit as far as quality and size I can do right now because I'm out ok green rods, but if I don't win anything I'm probably going to order about 8,000 pieces off eBay because I also really want to build a ball machine. Speaking of ball machines, when do you thinks yours will be done?

Miniboom (author)2015-04-19

Wow, I searched r700, when you said the other guns looked nothing like it, and I can say that yours has to be the best.

It looks a bit short, I dont know if it was piece count or I am just seeing it wrong, anyway with experience of building the kar 98k a long barrel takes a while.

Great gun!

Lucas The Boss (author)Miniboom2015-04-23

Thanks, I agree with it being a bit short, i would have made it a bit longer but I ran out of green rods. Maybe if I win something I'll get more green rods.

nerfrocketeer (author)2015-04-19

Gratz on the feat!

sandroknexmaster (author)2015-04-18

Looks good!

Thanks, do you have anything planned for the contest?

I'm working on a machine, but at this point I'm not sure if I can finish it in time. Maybe, if not I might enter a preview of it.

Lucas The Boss (author)2015-04-18

Must be nice, I hunt on neighbors land but the problem Is he lets anyone hunt it so you have 15 people hunting 150 acres, if you let a nice 6 point walk hoping he will be a 8 point next year, you will hear a gun shot 20 min later and there went your future 8 point. When I get the money, I'm gonna buy like 200 acres and I'm gonna be the only one allowed to hunt it. Ah those are just dreams though.

CorgiCritter (author)2015-04-16

Awesome!! I love how it shoots yellow rods, and it looks overall wonderful. Very pretty gun.

Thanks man, yea my main objectives were, make it shoot yellow rods, and make it look good.

Does it shoot ok?

And the first pictures is really cool.

Well it shoots about 40 ish feet, nothing about the range is very good.

Well that is not too bad, for a replica anyway.

Off topic, but I got to hold a Henry .22 the other day. It was great, I loved it! It had plenty of heft which I really liked. It felt like a quality chunk of metal and wood.

knexgeek (author)2015-04-17

Looks great! I would just say less broken pieces for the people who do not want to break all of their pieces, but the pieces aren't mine. I said last time I would make it, but I DEFINITELY do not have enough pieces! Keep up the good work and ignore the haters because just because one or two people say it sucks, alot of people (like me) would like to build most of your guns. Anyway, just keep making and a suggestion from me for your next gun would be a raffica pistol with a slide action. Alot of people have tried making them but only a few look really good. I bet that you could make a REALLY good one from the looks of this project! :D

Lucas The Boss (author)knexgeek2015-04-17

Thanks bro, it is pretty hard to build a replica with no broken pieces when you have about 100 in front of you and all you have to do is pop it in place. Do you mean replica insead of rafflica or is that the name of the pistol? I try to stay away from handle mag pistols since there is not much customization to them. Not hating on red book of west March but if you look at his handle fed pistols, they all look the same. Like I said I'm not hating on red I look up to him on multiple occasions and he's a great gun builder.

knexgeek (author)Lucas The Boss2015-04-17

I mean raffica as in the pistol. I know it is hard lot not use broken pieces, I was just giving a suggestion. :D

Lucas The Boss (author)2015-04-17

Oh, I live in NC. Is there restrictions to how small a deer you can bag? Ex in certain hunt clubs you can't take below a 8 point.

Lucas The Boss (author)2015-04-17

Wait you've killed a 10 point buck? Wow I've only killed an 8 point and that's unheard of around my house. Not trying to be a stalker but what state do you live in (I just want to know if your in a part that has limits on how small a deer you can take) yea man I'm currently going for a Tom, I've never got one.

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