Knex Removable Magazine Idea




Introduction: Knex Removable Magazine Idea

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This is my idea for a removable magazine.



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    This does not even have a roof, and this has been done OVER and OVER again. How does the ammo even stay in when you put in the pusher? I would suggest adding a roof.

    Lol, can you post that to on his block trigger gun?

    Ive never seen any idea like this >.< sorry? and anyway, if u dont like, DONT EVEN COMMENT

    1.) I never said I didn't like it.
    2.) I'll comment as I wish.
    3.) You need to learn to take criticism.
    4.) Don't ask for credit for an idea unless you know for sure your the first one to come up with it.

    I edited it so it dosnt say credit me

    This isn't particularly revolutionary, it's best if the mag pusher is internal to prevent breakage or awkwardness. I'd use broken white rods (or length equivalent) to make the attachments on the top, just so it can fit inside a gun.