Knex Repeating Shotgun Turret (K.R.S.T) Put Into Action





Introduction: Knex Repeating Shotgun Turret (K.R.S.T) Put Into Action

Hi Everyone,

For a while now people have been wanting a repeating shotgun. So, I put the idea of barrel loading shotguns and put it into a turret. You can put this onto ANY turret gun to turn it into a shotgun,here are the pro's/con's


Each barrel fires 3 frag
8 shots (or shells)
Easy to relaod


Uses alot of little connecters
Long time to load

I'm not going to post instructions because its very simple to make. Sorry.



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    How do u make it

    Nothing that confusing, just make a TR turret and extend the "barrels" from blue rods to yellow.

    making an entire 'ible for this was completely unnecessary. it is just a longer nozzle turret, which allows for more space for bullets.

    Although it is basiclly what you just said it works and I reall like it. I made an ible for it because I wanted to share it. Isn't that what your supposed to do on this site?

    yes, but this is a more "topic-appropriate" kind of thing... know what i mean? nvm it's fine.

    Wait a second, didn't I make this before?

    Its not posted on your profile so I don't know if you made it before. But, this was not copied from anybody

    Ok. But I did post something like it before, but people hated it, so I deleted it.

    This is pretty cool, but I think its not as efficient as other shotguns.

    And why is this