Knex Repeating Shotgun Turret (K.R.S.T) Put Into Action





Introduction: Knex Repeating Shotgun Turret (K.R.S.T) Put Into Action

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Hi Everyone,

For a while now people have been wanting a repeating shotgun. So, I put the idea of barrel loading shotguns and put it into a turret. You can put this onto ANY turret gun to turn it into a shotgun,here are the pro's/con's


Each barrel fires 3 frag
8 shots (or shells)
Easy to relaod


Uses alot of little connecters
Long time to load

I'm not going to post instructions because its very simple to make. Sorry.



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    Nothing that confusing, just make a TR turret and extend the "barrels" from blue rods to yellow.

    making an entire 'ible for this was completely unnecessary. it is just a longer nozzle turret, which allows for more space for bullets.

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    Although it is basiclly what you just said it works and I reall like it. I made an ible for it because I wanted to share it. Isn't that what your supposed to do on this site?

    yes, but this is a more "topic-appropriate" kind of thing... know what i mean? nvm it's fine.

    Its not posted on your profile so I don't know if you made it before. But, this was not copied from anybody

    Ok. But I did post something like it before, but people hated it, so I deleted it.

    This is pretty cool, but I think its not as efficient as other shotguns.

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    And why is this

    Because of the ammo being green rods, and its just seems like there would be a lot of friction in there, which reduces range slightly.

    Weeeeellllllll shotguns don't need good range ,buddy and bulid it and you'll find out that there is infact NO friction in the barrel and if you want a shotgun with good range I suggest a sniper rifle :0

    I never said that a shotgun needed good range anywhere in the previous comment at all. And how does a sniper rifle relate to a shotgun at all? It doesnt.

    Well shotguns don't need good range and it doesn't cause friction in the barrel. It just sounded like you wanted a gun with good range. Also, the thing that shotguns and sniper rifles have in common is that they are both guns :)

    Thats true. Most shotguns shoot about 25-40 ft reliably on average.

    alright thanks for the "Alright this is pretty cool." in the first comment and this reply is kinda late because I went somewhere

    No problem. And I have a repeating shotgun too, although mine is mag-fed.