Here is my knex scar. Credit goes to Knex Gun Builder for some of the stock. I do not have many pieces left over so i do not have any attachments. I forgot to mention the ramrod is cemented together. Also i might post it if enough people want me to.
Curved Mag credit does to the the dunkis for that part
Tactital Rails on top and bottom for attachments
Removable mag
Accurate Replicate for the most part

Uses 2 cut pieces in the mag
Shoots a miserable 30 feet
Uses a ton of pieces
Ramrod is cemented together

*****Update***** I am curently rebuilding and will post v2

**i am currently rebuilding this and v2 will be posted as an instuctable**
thank you
Looks great! the stock is a perfect fit lol =D
yes i agree =D
thanks for letting me use your stock
No problem =D
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sorry man i dont have airsoft
lol ok =D
it shoots and looks better than my microgun. mine needs a outer body because it is used for covert ops <br>
Now...Thats a scar
One of best on sight <br>
thank you a lot
thank you
to awsom to say any thing
thank you very much

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